List of “Firsts” – Last post from ArgentinaBuenos Aires, Fall 2009

Natural Deli Crew Today is that fateful day-the day I leave Argentina and return home back to the United States.  By the time this post is published, I'll be back in Los Angeles and most likely weary from 15 hours of flight travel.  But I wanted to blog one last time from Buenos Aires.  It's an overcast, heavy and humid day.  I'm currently sitting just two blocks from my house in my favorite café, Natural Deli, sipping on café con leche and enjoying my last organic muffin here.  All the waiters recognize me and know I'm leaving today, they don't even hand me a menu anymore. My best friends have all left-Karen on Friday, and Naomi and Breanna left yesterday-so I'm completely out of sorts.  Luckily Kirstin is still around and we're sharing a taxi to the airport. So to tie up loose ends, I thought I could write a list of "firsts", all the new things I did here, in an effort to convey the experience as best I can from this point. 1. Took all classes entirely conducted in Spanish. 2. Developed a coffee addiction. 3. Hiked through the Andes. 4. Had my first internship. 5. Ate an "alfajor". 6. Saw a glacier.  And walked on it. 7. Took a class as a foreign exchange student. 8. Watched a movie in Spanish without subtitles (El Secreto de Sus Ojos, it's a fantastic movie and you should see it if you are interested in seeing what Argentina is like in a nutshell!). 9. Learned how to taste wine. 10. Baked a chocolate cake from scratch. 11.Tried cow intestines (it's every Argentine's favorite part). 12. Learned to tango!  Sort of. 13. Slept in a hostel. 14. Visited Iguazu Falls-one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. 15. Stayed up all night dancing. 16. Spent more money than I actually own (hope you read this Mom and Dad!). 17. Met a gaucho-and rode horses with him. 18. Danced onstage at a volunteer event for the community of Marcos Paz. 19. Bought my first leather jacket. 20. Pierced my nose. 21. Received a fake 100 peso bill from the bank (and realized only after the banks closed for the weekend and now I can't exchange it). 22. Lived in a big city without a car (college doesn't count because I rarely travel farther than walking distance). 23. Joined a gym. 24. Went to a museum by myself. 25. Found true love with some of the best and closest friends I've ever had. This list hardly even explains everything I'm feeling about my experiences the way I want to describe them, but I hear that this is a very common study abroad phenomenon.  I hope you've all gained from my blogs some idea of what it's like to live in Argentina as a study abroad student.  I'm excited to go home, but the thought of leaving is unreal-I'm going to miss it here!
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  1. Estimada Chelsea,

    Bueno, me alegro de que distraras tu tiempo en Buenos Aires. Soy un profesor de español, nacido acá en Estados Unidos pero muy latino en mi modo de pensar.

    Realmente espero que aprendieras mucho y que disfrutaras de tu tiempo en la tierra de los albicelestes.

    En mi caso, visito a Uruguay cada año, ayudando con las clases de conversación de inglés. Por casualidad, ¿visitaste a Colonia del Sacramento? El Uruguay es un país, un poco diferente que la Argentina pero la gente es SIMPATICA…

    La próxima vez, si haya, te recomiendo que visités a Uruguay!,

    ‘Glad you had a good time and that you had a chance to learn about about a different part of the mundo hispano.

    Profe. jubilado viviendo en Carolina del Norte.

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