El Campo – The CountryBuenos Aires, Fall 2009

This past weekend, my host family invited me and Lauren, my housemate, to stay with them at their house in the countryside for the weekend, for my last trip out of the city before going back to the states.  At first I was skeptical-a whole weekend without Internet or cell phone service?  However, it proved to be a great bonding experience for all of us. p1080336 We arrived Saturday for lunch at their beautiful old house, complete with lush green willow and oak trees swaying in the wind, a quaint garden of fresh fruits and vegetables, and a pool (albeit empty for painting at the time).  Five dogs greeted Lauren and me by attacking us with barks and wagging tails-Lauren fell in love with one of them, a tiny little thing named Lily.  After Roberto and Patricia, our house parents, gave us the grand tour, we spent the entire afternoon sunbathing.  They took us into the closest locality, Mercedes, and it was great to see how the people of he suburbs live as opposed to the busy city life of Buenos Aires.  Everybody was outside playing with their children, eating ice cream, or watching men in the park perform traditional Argentine dance. p1080328 After a great night's sleep-one of the best I've had in a while in fact, since the city can be pretty loud at night-we had our own traditional asado of choripan and beef.  We sunbathed some more, and headed back to the city by nightfall.  While it wasn't the most exciting weekend of my time here, it was nice to relax before finals.  And the little things, like afternoon tea, playing with the dogs, and watching TV together, really gave us a sense that Lauren and I were part of the family. p1080338
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  1. Sounds wonderful, Chelsea. Please give my love to your house family. And thank them for me. They are so kind, loving and generous.

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