Weary TravellerMilan, Spring 2012

Finally, I have a moment to myself. I have been here in Milano for 11 days now and the first 7 were some of the most hectic days i've ever experienced. My first 48 hours of the trip included flying from San Francisco to Chicago, Chicago to Dusseldorf, then finally to Milan. I then proceeded to board a train for a 20 minute ride into the city of Milan where I had to then take a taxi to my apartment. I had met two students on the flight from Germany to Italy so we awkwardly braved the train together but, we all took separate taxis to our apartments. The taxi dropped me off and of course he gave me wrong directions to my apartment building. So there I was, less than an hour in Milan and I was already lost! After wandering with all of my luggage, getting weird stares, and attempting to ask a stranger where my address was, I called the IES emergency number and was guided to my apartment over the phone. Once in my apartment, I met the three roommates that were already unpacked and our community assistant. Later in the day, the other two roommates arrived and the exploration began.

All of last week we had orientation in which we met students, learned more about the program, and got introduced to various Italian customs. It was all exciting and fun, but we were all very tired and jet lagged. Which is a weird coincidence because of the song I chose to listen to as I write this, Weary Traveller. Weary I was. Any chance I had, I would take a power nap (which actually does not help jet-lag.)

We did some fun things the first week. I had my first cappuccino, experienced my first Aperitivo which is a social gathering in which you buy one drink and get unlimited food, danced at a couple discotecas, and got a tour of Milan that included the Duomo di Milano, financial district, and the fashion district.

I think the jet-lag has finally passed and now that we do not have orientation, I have free afternoons to explore this city. While listening to my ipod I took a walk, bought a few Italian magazines, and strolled through the fashion district again. Despite all of the differences from the way I was used to living, I really enjoy it here! I'm ready to experience every aspect of this city!
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