Snow (Hey Oh)Milan, Spring 2012

Its been far too long since my last blog post but I will have plenty of pictures to make up for all the time. A lot has gone on since I last wrote. It snowed here, I went on a field trip and classes officially started last Monday. Apparently this is the coldest winter Milan had had 50 years or so. While I don't disagree that it is uncomfortably cold it is not all that bad, especially when it is snowing!  My one wish while I was abroad in Milan was that it would snow so I was astatic when it did. I felt like a little kid. Naturally, I decided to go to a nearby park with my roommate Paula to a few pictures. [gallery] And this is the view from my window. That week it snowed for about 3 days and we also had a field trip which was Hidden treasures of Lombardy. We got to ride in a comfy bus and see Certosa di Pavia, the Sforzesco Castle, and the Chiaravalle Abbey. Certosa di Pavia was my favorite. We didn't get to go into the castle because of the ice and snow but it was still nice to see. Certosa di Pavia though, was my favorite. It was beautiful and  learned a lot at that particular stop. Since it was our first destination I was also less tired and I wasn't dreading the cold yet..until I couldn't feel my toes. Luckily, after the first church we went and ate pizza which I think everyone can agree was the best part of the day:) I am glad I decided to go on the trip to see and learn some Italian history and finally see a real fresco! As the snow started to melt, next thing I knew it was time to start classes. I enjoyed having 3 hours of italian a day only to have the rest of the day free to shop and eat panzerotti. It made it easier to focus and learn quick. I can now form little sentences which I am proud of. I know when I speak I must sound like a 5 year old but regardless, i'm better now than I was when I first arrived. I am curious to see how good I will be once I leave. In addition to italian I also am taking italian conversation, managing luxury businesses, communications and today I just signed up to takes a men's ready-to-wear course at Instituto di Moda Burgo. I start on Monday and i'm excited! So far that has been all I have been up to. I would like to explore Milan more but it is hard to get out of my warm bed when it is so cold out. It looks like it is going to warm up though so hopefully next I will be posting pictures of the sunshine! (My photos have not been uploading and I have been trying to figure it out all month. Those were the only two pictures that would upload for some reason so I will have to do another post with the rest of the photos if I can figure this out soon.)
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  1. Haha you misspelled “ecstatic”. But I’m glad you are having fun in the snow!

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