Ibiza and BarcelonaMilan, Spring 2012

I love Spain! For the second part of my spring break, my roommate and I decided to go to Ibiza and Barcelona. Ibiza was very relaxing. I know everyone thought that we went their to party in the discotecas but we didn't. Apparently, Ibiza has an off season when all the clubs are closed and we were there during that time. Regardless, we thoroughly enjoyed our time on this little island. We staying in the capital Eivissa, also known as Ibiza town. Here, we explored Dalt Villa which actually means "Upper Town" which makes sense because this town was on a little hill. On top of this hill was a cathedral called Santa Maria d'Eivissa but also amazing views of the ocean. When my roommate and I spent most of our days up on this hill looking out out the ocean chatting and getting some sun. We were in Ibiza for three days. We then flew to Barcelona which was only a thirty-five minute plane ride. Once in Barcelona, we ate tapas and drank sangria. We even ventured out of our comfort zone a little bit and tried octopus which really just tasted like any other seafood. The day we arrived in Barcelona it was Good Friday so all of the stores were closed but, there were still so many people out. We were able to watch the Easter procession which was interesting to see because there were so many other people there watching as well. The next two days we took time to walk around as much of the city as we could. We saw the Christopher Columbus statue that was located in a very nice spot of Barcelona by the beach we were also able to go shopping because the stores were open again and we also stopped by Barcelona's Contemporary Art Museum. It was a long day of walking but not with any shortage of tapas and sangria. On the last day we were in Barcelona, on Easter we went and saw the Guadi building and went to Park Guell and hiked around there for most of the day. Park Guell is a giant garden designed by architect Antoni Gaudi. My roommate and I really enjoyed the hike and views and thought it was the best way we could spend our Easter away from home. Of course, we ended the hike with tapas and sangria before it was time to head back to our hotel and get ready to catch our early flight back to Milano. I have been to Spain before but never to Barcelona and I wish we could have stayed longer. There are so many things that we were not able to see and I feel like I wouldn't be able to see everything I wanted even if I were there for a week. There is so much to do in this city and so much art and history. Before we even left Spain, I was already planning what I would do when I eventually come back.
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