Gearing Up For the EndMilan, Spring 2012

The IES program end date is getting closer. I am getting ready for finals and finishing last projects but, I have a trip to Florence planned for the weekend and one last trip to Paris with one of my roommates on June 11th (the date that most people are flying back home). I am actually taking a class at the Scuola di Moda Burgo so I am going to be here for an extra month because I have to complete 90 hours of my Mens Ready-to-Wear course. I am excited that I get to stay a little longer in Milan but, a lot of my roommates and friends from IES will not be here. I plan to use this extra month to thoroughly explore Milan and go to as many museums as possible and go to parts I have not yet seen. I am a little bit jealous of my friends that will be heading home soon but, that's not to say I wont be taking full advantage of my extra time here! Camille
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