Florence and Paris!Milan, Spring 2012

In the past month I was able to take a weekend trip to both Florence and Paris. In Florence, I was able to go to the Uffizi but, I did not have enough time to see the Statue of David. I’ll just have to come back! I also ate a lot of good italian food! Living in Milan, my roommates and I don’t go out to eat often since we can just cook in our apartment.

Paris was a great city. I loved the gardens everywhere and enjoyed sitting in them to eat lunch. Milan does not have that many parks or gardens so Paris was a nice change. The weather was perfect and my roommate and I saw so many tourist attractions while in Paris. My personal favorite was Pont Alexander III which is a very beautiful bridge on the Seine River. I went to the Louvre and of course saw the Mona Lisa which was surrounded by people trying to get a picture of the famous painting. The museum was so large that my friend and I didn’t have enough tome to go through the whole thing. After, we went to Luxembourg Gardens which, was another favorite spot of mine in Paris. I was sad to leave Paris. It was a beautiful weekend and I can say that my roommate and I made the best of every minute of it.

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