Culture and Cuisine in ItalyMilan, Spring 2012

Before spring break started I went on the Culture and Cuisine trip put together by IES. During this trip a bus lugged around all of us IES students to Cremona, Parma, Montova, then finally to Castell'Arquato. We saw many Duomos and theaters, walked around a lot, and also ate a lot(which was the best part.) The weather was nice in Cremona the first day of the trip in which we toured their Duomo and also got to visit a local violin maker "bottega di liutaio." We then went on to see our first theater of many, Teatro Ponchielli. We then were on our way to Parma! Home of Parmesan Cheese yumm! Of course, everyone passed out on the bus but, once we arrived at our destination it was time to learn about another italian city. We got a tour of the city of Parma in which we saw our second  Duomo and also a Battistero. It was late in the afternoon and it was all interesting but we were all ready for food. After the tour we got to eat a four course meal which consisted of a meat and cheese platter with bread, a risotto dish, a potato and meat dish followed by delicious tiramisu! The next day we toured even more of Parma. We saw beautiful theatre, Teatro Farnese but we were not allowed to take pictures. We also hang around Parco Ducale which is a nice park in Parma. We then departed for Montova. We went to a museum and also got to go to Teatro Bibiena which was especially special because it is where Mozart first played. The last day was my favorite day. We finally went to the cheese factory and got to see all the cheeeese! Then we went to Castell'Arquato which was a beautiful place with vast views and cobblestone streets. We were also able to do a wine tasting which I think everyone enjoyed a lot. This was only the beginning of Spring Break. It was a great way to start! After this trip I went to Ibiza and Barcelona with my roommate. Spain is amazing!
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