Almost time to “Ciao” out of MilanMilan, Spring 2012

My time in Milan is almost over. My roommates and everyone else on IES left a little while ago but, I haven’t left because I had a class that was not finished yet. Sadly, that class finished today.

my friend Imani who I was sad to see leave

my roommates and I on one of their last nights in Milano

These last couple of weeks I have been trying to do things that I had not found time for during the semester. This past Sunday I attended Mass in Il Duomo. I had been wanting to go to Mass here in Milan all semester and I also had not seen the inside of the cathedral yet. I also climbed up Il Duomo as well. It was a scorching hot day but, luckily the marble stairwells were quite cool. The top of Il Duomo is as beautiful as every other part of the cathedral and offers a great view of Milan. I like watching all the people on the ground walk around minding their own business as I watch them from atop the beautiful building.

I have gone to a few museums and also have been eating as much italian cuisine as possible. The weather has been great so there has been no excuse not to be outside enjoying these last days.

I have a couple more sights to see and a lot more gelato to eat! So there is no reason to be sad just yet that I will be leaving soon.


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