Murphy’s LawDelhi, Fall 2010

Many of you have heard of Murphy’s Law that states, “Anything that can go wrong, will.” For those of you who are lucky enough to not have to come face to face with the frustrating process of proving this, I have took one for the team. The pre-departure process for my expedition to India has put this rule to the test, and contrary to what you might think, I have discovered that it is one hundred percent true.

I haven’t even left the United States yet, and I have run into obstacle after obstacle. Between not getting my visa on time and having to reschedule my flight, my family and I had been stressed to the max. To top that, the day before my new flight I found out that none of the classes offered abroad had been approved for credits at my university. I was beginning to feel that maybe I really wasn’t supposed to go on this trip. After frantically sending emails and trying to talk to a non-automated person, things fell into place (granted they did not fit perfectly, but I’m just having to make do).

With my bags all packed, my mom drove me to the airport. On the way there, she kept giving me any last minute advice she could think of, from hiding money on my body just in case, to protecting my cardinal virtue. When we arrived at the airport, we unloaded my luggage and said our good-byes. With tears in her eyes, my mom hugged me one last time, and sent her baby on her way to India.

As I sit in the airport, I start to think about how my life will be living in a new country with completely different customs and lifestyles. Will I, someone who has been brought up in the luxury of America, be able to live simply? Will I be able to do with out a shower, and use a bucket and pitcher to wash up? Will I be able to wash my clothes with out the help of a machine? Will I make mistakes that will offend the people of India because it is what I know in the States? Will I be able to put up with the heat, humidity and smell? Will my stomach be defeated by the food or water?

All these worries come rushing to me, and I almost think about calling it all off. So far I have proved Murphy’s Law correct. Can I stand to test it in a foreign country? To quiet my doubts, I think of what my mom told me right before she gave me my final hug good-bye. She said, “You have always made the best of things no matter the situation. I know this will be a great adventure for you.”

So I take a deep breath, and board my flight. There’s no going back now.

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  1. Hi Brigitte
    I’m a Mum who’s rising High School Senior Jenny has just spent 5 weeks immersed in India (Ahmedabad in Gujarat )…………she comes home tomorrow……….and does NOT want to!!! She has had an amazing experience…. the adventure of a lifetime. I am sure you will too. I wish you a succesful and life inspiring trip.
    ps Jenny’s Blog is if you get a chance to look. It is very interesting (even though I say so myself!!). I am looking forward to seeing her back here in Cleveland Ohio at the end of her gruelling flight back!

  2. Write more blog articles… I wanna know what you’re up too!

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