Yanshuo Zhang rss Dublin, Fall 2008

Lush landscapes, sentimental Celtic music, and mostly importantly, a tradition of excellence in literature–what better reasons do you need to spend a semester at Trinity College in Ireland, as an English/Communication major? Excited to explore all these joys in the Emerald Isle, Yanshuo Zhang, a junior-to-be at the College of St. Catherine, is busy packing more than her clothings, but also her dreams of letters!

Yanshuo's Posts

  • Returning home from the “Emerald Isle”

    Four months. Three pieces of luggage. Numberless friends. Countless dreams… Before I headed home in China from Ireland, I was trying to figure out how much I had harvested on the land that is beloved as the “Emerald Isle,” and found that I indeed gained a lot. Even though I could not remember how many [...]

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  • “Irish Dream”–how blue are yours?

    Today is the day Trinity’s new term begins. However, since I have left Ireland, I’m still enjoying my holidays at home in China before returning to the U.S. later in January. As I have been reviewing the photos I have taken while in the Emerald Isle, I realized, more than ever, that what defines this [...]

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  • Atlantic Blue

    Atlantic Ocean, finally. I’m a personal naturally attached to the sea, even though I was born and raised far into the mainland (in China). The mere idea of the salty water body would excite me with the wildest imagination: the blueness that is deep beyond conceiving, the broadness that is rivaling with the even boarder [...]

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  • Life at Trinity: Conversing with Masters, Immersing in Awe

    Almost every time I tell someone that I’m going to Trinity College Dublin, they would look back at me in awe: “Oh, really!” Now that I’m getting used to such compliments, I still cannot help being caught in awe myself every time I step into the narrow wooden gate and feel the stones under my [...]

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  • Fragments on the ‘Emerald Isle’

    Ireland, it is the country where the deep blue sea is only one breath away; it is the country where your dreams will float up in the hills where the sheep and cows wander, and where the clouds meet… No wonder it is called the “Emerald Isle”: lush mountains and grasslands are just miles away [...]

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