Silvia Cheng rss Berlin - Metropolitan Studies, Spring 2009

Silvia hails from Hong Kong and will attend her final year at Washington and Lee University after she finishes IES Metropolitan Studies in Berlin. She is majoring in Sociology and wants to become a city planner sooner or later. She used to carry her backpack to travel by herself in Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Mexico during the past two years. In addition to traveling, she has passions for journalism, photography, and languages. She is thrilled about the richness and creativity of the program in which she can study urban developments in Berlin, Paris, and St. Petersburg, not to mention the field trips to all these places!

Silvia's Posts

  • Back in America

    After finishing my semester in Berlin, I went on a trip on my own to visit friends who live in Europe and to see some Eastern European countries.

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  • A usual day like this

    [gallery=239] This album is totally about our bike tour, aka the last field trip with our professor this term in Berlin. Gorgeous Potsdam, sunny out, everywhere green, delicious desserts, biking after not working out the entire winter (…), and fun company, what’s more?!?! A usual day like this, in Berlin.. Yes, I will miss it.

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  • Field trip to St. Petersburg

    [gallery=237] Part of our program is to have a field trip to St. Petersburg. We spent a week’s time there. Luckily, we have two IES coordinators who speak Russian with us making our (my) life so much easier — imagine i can’t even read those Russian letters.. basically i was illiterate in Russia the whole [...]

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  • The Berlin Wall

    [gallery=179] Before the wall came down, people in East Berlin were not allowed to make graffiti on their side of the wall. It wasn’t probably until 2000, which I’m not sure about when exactly, that international artists were invited to paint on the eastern side of the wall. So although tourists pay visits to the [...]

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  • Wall…Berlin Wall.

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  • Old Paris and new Paris?

    [Gallery=178] I think Paris is a pretty popular option when it comes to traveling in Europe. So that’s why I only selected a few photos that are not so “touristy” to show you — but still you will find Eiffel Tower in one of the pictures.. oh Eiffel..! I really liked Eiffel Tower a lot [...]

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  • Shop, eat, and see…

    [gallery=180] Shopping – even if I don’t buy anything, how could I possibly miss checking out those cute vintage shops?? Eat – Besides yummy doener, don’t forget to try some Vietnamese restaurants as there’re so many Vietnamese people in Berlin — so many that even most of the Chinese restaurants I went to were actually [...]

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  • cultural differences part 2

    [gallery=151] So, I uploaded a few pictures mainly taken at a flea market that I went in February and also 2 pictures during my class field trips to Holocaust Memorial and Potsdamer Platz. To continue with my unfinished job of listing out the cultural differences in Germany: 1) German people drink mineralwasser, not tap water. [...]

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  • A gloomy day in Paris

    [gallery=163] Part of the reasons I chose to study abroad with IES Metropolitan Program was because I get to study 3 cities and have field trips to all these places: Paris and St. Petersburg (the program bases in Berlin). So last week I went to Paris with IES. Unluckily, the first day was very gloomy. [...]

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  • The biggest cathedral in Germany

    [gallery=149] … is in Cologne, west Germany. Again, I ran into some technical problems in mid February and failed to upload my pics before I left for Paris a week ago. Sorry for not being very often in updating, I’ll try my best in March. But it also tells the truth: Berlin has been keeping [...]

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  • Cultural differences part 1

    [Gallery=119] Greetings from Bonn! Since I’m traveling at the moment, I’ll just type up something really brief. As promised, here comes the first part of the cultural differences i’ve noticed here in Germany! 1. You don’t say ‘organic food’ here, you say ‘bio’ – notice, it’s ‘bee-o’ not ‘bye-o.’ 2. Every household has a ton [...]

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  • Parliament, Reichstag, Bundestag.

    [gallery=106] The German parliament building has a complicated history. Its construction dates back to 1890s when Germany was under Kaiser William II who brought the country into the WWI. I remember I had to study the piece of detail about the parliament fire in 1933 at high school for my history class; then 2 week [...]

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  • orientation weeks

    [gallery=118] Wow, it’s already the last week of January?! I’ve meant to post more pictures earlier in the month but alas, there’re simply too many things to do before this (orientation weeks, doctor, field trips and now classes!). Plus, I had some trouble editing the photos (i already messed up the photos of the first [...]

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  • What to expect in Germany?

    [gallery=90] After studying in a small historical town in rural Virginia for two and a half years, I am excited for my study abroad experience with IES in winter term. Coming from a metropolitan city like Hong Kong, I simply missed city life too much in the past two years. Before embracing the bustle and [...]

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