Sarah Frankel rss Madrid, Spring 2009

Sarah Frankel is a junior at the University of Michigan and is participating in the IES Madrid program. She is double majoring in Biology and Spanish, with the goal of going to veterinary school. Studying in Madrid will provide her with an opportunity to improve her Spanish skills, as well as an opportunity to live in a busy city and experience the culture of Spain and Europe.

Sarah's Posts

  • Reflections on Madrid – A Year Later

    Before I went abroad, I never even considered what repercussions my trip would have on my life after I returned to the United States. Even had I done so, I don’t think I could have anticipated it.

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  • Los EEUU.

    Some of the final views of Madrid.

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  • Venezia

    Photos from our trip to Venice and the surrounding islands.

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  • Windows

    The windows of the islands around Venice were extremely striking.

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  • Amsterdam

    Amsterdam is not nearly as sketchy as some people seem to think.


  • Cote d’Azur

    Photos from a trip to the French Riviera.

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  • La Corrida de Toros

    A few weeks ago I went to a bullfight. I know that it’s one of the most divisive issues in Spain, and I felt that going to a Corrida de Toros would be the best way to decide whether or not I support the practice. After all that, I think the experience left me more torn about how I feel than I was before going.

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  • Sevilla, más de Andalucia

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  • Un fin de semana Andaluz

    [gallery=254] So I spent the last weekend in April visiting two Andalusian cities I’ve wanted to see for awhile – Cordoba and Sevilla. These are all the Cordoba pictures, which I would say was my favorite city of the two. It could just be that I’m obsessed with La Mezquita, and Islamic architecture in general… [...]

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  • Budapest

    [gallery=236] So Budapest was a city that took me by surprise. I had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be gorgeous and full of unique experiences. When else will I be able to say I pet a giraffe and was under two feet away from a hippo begging for food? (Their [...]

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  • Madrid, Barça, y los turistas

    [gallery=225] One of the most interesting things about Semana Santa, besides being myself a tourist outside of Madrid, was seeing the massive amounts of tourists in Madrid. It’s not that I necessarily dislike tourists, especially as I would be hypocritical in saying such a thing seeing as I become one myself nearly every weekend in [...]

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  • Paris, la ciudad de las luces…

    [gallery=224] The most shocking thing about all the traveling I’ve been doing is seeing these things in real life. I can’t lie, I’ve seen pictures upon pictures upon pictures of the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa, and every other major monument and painting I’ve seen while in Europe. But seeing them in real life.. well [...]

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  • You’d think I’d think in English in London…

    [gallery=211] So I’ve decided that the most awkward phrase in the English language is “Do you mind if [insert request here]” as there is no appropriate way to answer… either yes or no goes both ways… you could be saying yes or no to minding or whether or not you want the actual event to [...]

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  • Valencia, sin las fallas

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  • Un fin de semana en Madrid, por fin :)

    [gallery=187] I spent four out of the last five days at Parque del Retiro. So here are the results of me taking the same pictures multiple times :)

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  • Alpine Visit… Zurich

    [gallery=176] What a cold weekend. At least this time I was prepared for it and thus much less shocked by the weather. I even wore my Umich sweatshirt (*gasp* that is so not allowed in European style! ohhh wait it was under my jacket always). The most striking thing about this weekend, besides for finally [...]

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  • Prague, Praga, Prag, Praha

    [gallery=165] My internet is actually working! Two posts in one week, ridiculousness. Prague is an absolutely gorgeous city with a lot of cool architecture between the castle, the bridge, the cathedrals, and even the “Jewish ghetto” (it’s a bit of a rarity to see major buildings besides churches around here). Plus there’s the dancing building [...]

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  • Carnaval

    [gallery=166] So, not this past weekend but the weekend before, I finally had a weekend to stay in Madrid, and though I thought it might be less tiring than a weekend traveling, I was wrong. There was so much to do in Madrid, especially because it was carnaval weekend. Carnaval, for those of you who [...]

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  • Lisboa

    [gallery=143] So it’s been a month. On one hand, it feels as though we just got here and are still learning how to fit in, but it also feels as though we’ve been living as madrileñas for much longer than a month. It’s easy to see how certain habits of mine have changed, such as [...]

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  • A Roma Desde Madrid

    [gallery=138] You miss the strangest things while abroad. For me, it’s salt and drying machines. It’s funny because the quality of food here is so much higher as there are fewer processed ingredients.. but I still miss the saltiness of food from home. And in terms of the dryer… well I’m not exactly sure if [...]

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