Natalie Asmussen rss Granada, Fall 2011

Natalie Asmussen is a student at Beloit College. She is extremely excited about her semester in Spain. She chose to study in Granada because it is a place where the Arab world and Europe run together, creating a rich culture with ancient roots. She is a Modern Languages major with a focus in Spanish and Arabic.

Natalie's Posts

  • And That’s That

    I had the best time of my life and much of it I owe it to the people I met. If I were to say the most important thing that I took away from this trip, it would be to seize the opportunities that come your way, no matter what time of day they appear, or what you were supposed to have been doing instead.

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  • Twas the Month Before Christmas…in Granada

    Twas the month before Christmas when all through the town . . .

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  • Creative Post

    For my class about Lorca I was asked to create something artistic that discussed an aspect of Lorca. The link that I have posted below is for a video that I made interpreting Lorca’s life as an artist under Franco.

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  • Study Abroad-emphasis on study

    What I’ve found, and I know my experience differs drastically from that of others in this program, is that when the opportunity to meet new people, spend the night out with friends, sleep in caves, or go to teterias presents itself, I will not hesitate to do one of the above instead of studying.


  • Mauro

    Today I met with Mauro, a street musician who I’ve been trying to meet with for weeks. Although he recognizes the challenges that he faces, his goal is to be able to earn enough money from playing music on the streets to support himself.

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  • Daniel Continued

    I met with Daniel a second time because I was interested to hear more of his story. I found him in the same place that I found him before. This time he showed me some of his life in Granada.


  • Daniel

    I encountered Daniel as I was walking with my friend at 2 in the morning through the alleyways of Albaycín, a famous and largely Moroccan inhabited neighborhood in Granada.

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  • First Month: Success

    I thought it would be appropriate to sum up my first month in Granada. Not only for prospective students but for myself as well, so that I can reflect on all that I have done so far.


  • Who is Freddie Gibbs?

    This post digresses from the theme of my blog as a music blog because what I am about to explore is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately as I’ve been making new connections in Spain.


  • Javier y Esteban

    As we entered Plaza Bib Ramblas I looked up at a huge stone cathedral. Spaniards in every direction, talking and enjoying the cool air of the evening while two guitarristas played in the shadow of the monument. I knew this was my first stop in my search for musicians in Granada.

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  • My Search for New Relationships, Language, and Music

    My eagerness to better my Spanish will cause me to seek out native Spanish speakers. At first the accents that I encounter in Spain will be very different from the ones I am used to from the classroom.

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