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Monideepa is a junior at Trinity University and is participating in the IES European Union Program for the fall semester. On campus, she is an active member of the professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, a leader in the Asian Sub-Continental Association, and a tutor in the Economics Department. Monideepa is studying Economics and Finance but also enjoys playing piano and tennis. The European Union Program appealed to Monideepa because of the great dual credit class offerings, the structured European traveling incorporated into the seminar, and the quaint city of Freiburg.

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  • “Oh, It’s such a shame for us to part”

    [gallery] This time last week I was ending my finals and enjoying the last night with all of my IES friends. We ate at Cheers and all ordered the Schnitzle mit Pommes student special. There was definitely an odd feeling the entire day…like we knew everything was going to be different after this. We retold funny stories where [...]


  • last days…

    My last 3 days in Freiburg and I have much planned: View the city from the top of the Schlossberg tower, have my last WG (flat community) dinner, celebrate the great semester one last time with my classmates, attend the Open-Mic night at the Vaubar, perhaps another Karaoke excursion oh and I guess somewhere in there I will pack.


  • DankeGeben

    I stayed in Germany for Thanksgiving weekend. It was actually a really exciting weekend!

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  • East Excursions

    So our last field trip included visiting the V4 or Visegrad 4 or simply Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Ok. So this field trip has been by far my favorite!


  • Alternate Universe

    Being abroad is like being in your own separate world. You get away from the reality you have known in the States… which can be both advantageous and disadvantageous.


  • Emperor of Europe and Foodsies

    The past couple of days have been quite exciting.

  • Round 2: Brussels, Paris, Luxembourg

    I am back from Brussels and Paris. We have been traveling for a week and it seems like forever. I can’t believe just a week ago I was having dinner with my parents. I have done soo much since then.

  • Managing my crazy life…

    One very exciting thing I did was go to the Kawagoe Matsuri with my friend Kate from my home university, who is studying there with another program.

  • Learning lots, experiencing lots!

    I have really enjoyed learning more about Europe academically and culturally. Did I tell you that this was the first time I have really been overseas?

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  • Tram Stops, Volkswagons, Shell Noodles…Oh My!

    Culture Shock. We are all warned about it and hear about it…but never think that we, ourselves would actually be that statistic experiencing it. I proudly state that I am that statistic.

  • Ich bin hier!!!

    ‘m writing to you after nearly 33 hours of no sleep. I’m jet lagged and trying to form words into sentences so they make sense for you. It’s all felt like a whirlwind. It took me nearly 14 hours to travel completely and safely to the IES center.


  • Ready for Liftoff…

    I leave in less than two days and I have finally won the argument with my parents that bringing 6 pairs of shoes is okay.