Mitchell Martineau rss Vienna, Fall 2009

Mitch is a junior at the University of San Diego. When Mitch is not in San Diego he is home in Anchorage Alaska where he enjoys the long summers with family and friends. His main interests are music and accounting. If you figure out a way to combine the two please let him know. Throughout his travels in Vienna he plans to experience the local musical culture, both old and new, and share his experiences through his blog. Enjoy.

Mitchell's Posts

  • Home in Alaska

    48 Hours and 4 flights later, I made it home to Anchorage Alaska for a cold and snowy Christmas.  Because of the extensive winter storms on the East Coast, my flight to New York was canceled, but with great luck I was able to fly standby to Atlanta and continue my long trek home.  48 [...]

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  • Food in Vienna

    While I do cook the majority of my meals in my apartment, I have had a chance to eat at some excellent restaurants in Vienna. Here are some of my favorites.

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  • Wiener Christkindlmarkt

    Christmas! …a magical time of the year in Vienna. Every Christmas season, Vienna organizes multiple “Christkindlmarkts” across the city. “Christkindlmarkts” are essentially Christmas markets that have arts, crafts, gifts, food, and most importantly “Gluhwein” “Gluhwein” is a traditional Christmas time drink, consisting of warm red wine and spices.

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  • Midterms!!

    Last Thursday I officially finished my first round of midterms in a foreign country! To commemorate the occasion I thought that I would take the time to describe my classes here in Austria.

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  • Die Wachau

    As part of an IES sponsored trips, I had the opportunity to visit amazing sites in the Wachau region. I will tell you about the 2 must do things if you ever find yourself in the Wachau region.

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  • 10 Day Post Intensive trip–Florence Italy

    I consider myself a fairly good traveler, organized, patient…but I always seem to run into situations (self created or random) that I have to improvise just a little.

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  • The intensity of the German intensive

    or the first 3 weeks of the IES Vienna fall semester all students are required to take part in a 5 day a week German Intensive course. Intense is a perfect adjective to describe the experience, but far from the only adjective.

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  • Donau Insel Adventure

    I have found that the most memorable days are the days that I wake up with nothing on my agenda, making the day entirely free for exploration. Amazing adventures usually occur when one enters the day with no expectations and no expectations is exactly how the day that my City Bike adventure began.

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  • Home in Vienna

    Our apartment itself has a lot of character. It’s an older building and we live on the 4th floor (5th floor in the US) so naturally there are a few stairs to walk up every day. The apartment itself is very doll house esque and a lot of fun. We share a living room and kitchen, and overall everyone has more than enough space.

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  • Mariazell and the Erlaufsee

    Orientations are usually synonymous with awkward ice breakers and long boring informational sessions. I’m happy to say that the IES Vienna Mariazell orientation was neither of these negative stereotypes.

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  • packing,preparing,planning

    One more week until Vienna. Just yesterday I received my housing assignment, which brought the once distant departure date that much more near. On Sunday August 16th I leave my home, Anchorage Alaska, for Vienna.

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