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Mitchell Friedman rss Madrid, Spring 2012

My name’s Mitchell Friedman from Chicago, Illinois. I’m a junior at Tufts University where I major in English, minor in religion, and perform, write, and direct in several comedy groups! I’ve always lived just on the outskirts of big cities and I’m super excited to finally live in the middle of a huge, international place like Madrid and to take advantage of my time by traveling all around Europe. I expect to become hyper-fluent in Spanish and to write the next great Spanish novel by the time my program ends. That’s a joke, but I do hope to see a truly staggering amount of museums and Flamenco performances.

Mitchell's Posts

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    Lasix For Sale, If you’re ever in Barcelona and someone tells you to get to Chicago as fast as you possibly can, don’t stress out— it’s easy. Doses Lasix work, All you need is 35 hours. At least, about Lasix, Order Lasix from mexican pharmacy, that’s how long it takes if you hop an overnight bus to Madrid, wait at Barajas until your eight hour flight to JFK, Lasix no rx, Lasix images, lug all the stupid things you never realized weighed so much through customs, and then wait five more hours for a flight to O’Hare, Lasix dosage. Lasix reviews, And hopefully at the end of it your beaming mother picks you up and you feast.

    I had tried to prepare myself for culture shock on the long trip home, Lasix steet value. English, Lasix For Sale. Buy Lasix without prescription, Enormous beverages. No smoking signs, Lasix recreational. Lasix blogs, I tried to mentally prepare myself, but I was sure the differences would occur to me for weeks until I settled back in, online buy Lasix without a prescription. Lasix maximum dosage, And I definitely did make some great observations my first week back (Americans love turkey sandwiches, am I right?), Lasix description. Lasix For Sale, But as I stood waiting for my mom at O’Hare under a very obtrusive, very cement, very not-European overpass, and I listened to the twang in the accent of an overweight Midwestern father complaining about traffic on the Edens while his kids complained “I’m hungry” between bites of chicken McNugget—wait, I thought this would seem weird. Real brand Lasix online, Wrong. I’m definitely home, Lasix class. Order Lasix from United States pharmacy, That’s the thing about being abroad, at least if you just go for one quick, buy cheap Lasix, Buy Lasix without a prescription, incredible semester in Madrid. You immerse yourself, Lasix pharmacy, Lasix treatment, you have the most fun of your life, and you see the world, herbal Lasix. No doubt, the experience offers you a look at a society far away from your own, Lasix For Sale. Lasix photos, You see a day in the life of another people. You see that it’s really not so different from a day in your own life, Lasix from canadian pharmacy. Lasix from canada, You see that you could even become a part of it if you wanted—and then you go home.

    And despite all you loved about the culture you were observing, Lasix price, coupon, Is Lasix addictive, when you go home you remember what that word means. Lasix For Sale, English didn’t seem strange like I thought it would and neither did having all my favorite comfort foods again. Cheeseburgers and string cheese—I grew up with you for twenty years—I’m not too proud to admit that I missed you, Lasix steet value. Online Lasix without a prescription, But when I was abroad I found other cheeses to replace you. I’m sorry but you were gone, Lasix from canadian pharmacy, Lasix samples, and I had to. I ate Manchego, Lasix photos. And I was happy, Lasix For Sale. Lasix without a prescription, But when I peeled my first cheese back in America, and ate it slowly string by string like I’ve been doing since I was five, Lasix from canada, Buy no prescription Lasix online, I realized something. When you go abroad, Lasix overnight, Lasix no prescription, you’re forced to find what your new home offers to replace your regular comforts. Manchego replaces string cheese, Lasix from mexico. Lasix price, After you’ve done that, after you’ve found Manchego and loved it, discount Lasix, you’re a little more inclined to try something else that’s new. Lasix For Sale, Then you can look around and say, hmm, what else do I like here. Manchego was good, what else is there to do here. Before you know it, your routine switches from striving to replace your regular comforts to striving to try new things that have nothing to do with home. I travelled everywhere I could in Europe, I walked around for hours at a time just observing Madrid, and above all else I prioritized collecting new experiences. After months of this, I thought returning to America would seem strange and foreign.

    But when I ate that first string cheese in Chicago four months later, the satisfaction that home provides rushed back to me in an instant, Lasix For Sale. At home, I don’t have to strive to find new things because I already know what makes me happy. I have all the old comforts right here with me, and I’ll never really grow tired of them. Despite hearing so many foreign languages in Europe, English will never sound weird to me because I grew up with it. But the experience of going abroad, of striving to try everything for the rush of new experiences, that won’t leave me either. Now that I’m home, I'm relishing my newfound sense of adventure and I hope it never leaves me. And the best thing about trying new things in America is that at the end of the day I can always find satisfaction in a package of string cheese.

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    There’s so much to do in Andalucia: the ocean, the great food, and the incredible views everywhere you look. We’ve ruined the later with our inability to sit still.


  • Parks and Rec

    Just some images of Parque Oeste, Caso de Campo, and Retiro Park with a few activities to do outside in beautiful Fall/Spring Madrid. To the soundtrack of Spanish hip-hop.


  • Street Performers

    Street performers in Madrid are endless sources of entertainment and give the centers of the city a certain goofy atmosphere for the tourists and residents buzzing around them.


  • Field Trip to Brussels

    Belgium: a wintery land full of chocolate, beer, and waffles. Three Madrid study abroad students go to Brussels for the weekend.


  • Welcome to Madrid

    My first post, it’s like the title sequence. The journey from the West to the less West for me begins in Chicago and features the town Segovia, friends, and food.


  • Hola, Math, and Ham

    Can’t wait to be in Madrid. Thank God I really don’t have to! Madrid in 49 hours.