Miriam Haviland rss Madrid, Fall 2009

Miriam is a senior at Johns Hopkins University where she studies Political Science. When not reading in the library she enjoys baking, camping, sleeping, drinking coffee, and exploring new places! She loves traveling and hopes to spend some time backpacking through South America after graduation and before heading off to law school. She hopes to end up being a Human Rights Lawyer, but is pretty open to whatever else comes along.

Miriam's Posts

  • Home Again

    Coming home has been busy and overwhelming! I wonder if I would be more dejected if it weren’t for the fact that I am running around trying to finish my Christmas shopping and help get everything ready for our 20 person Christmas dinner tomorrow. I miss Spain so much! I spent a lot of time [...]


  • It’s the end already!

    Everyone was so sad at our goodbye lunch, as people started to trickle out towards the airport. I can’t believe how rapidly the semester has passed.


  • UCM Final

    The spanish semester ends in February, but because our semester ends on friday and we won’t be able to take the final exam for the course in February, Hannah and I went to our professor’s office to take it yesterday.

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  • 48 hours in Paris

    Description of my brief two-day travels to Paris.

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  • Thanksgiving in España

    One of the things I have been looking forward to over the past few weeks, was Thanksgiving, because IES was taking us out to dinner. On Wednesday we went to the Restaurante Cornucopia, to enjoy a traditional thanksgiving feast.

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  • Traveling around Spain

    A full weekend of adventures in Spain.


  • My daily life

    As I only live twenty minutes from school I walk every morning. It is my favorite part of the day.


  • Barcelona

    After Lunch we wandered through Las Ramblas fruit market, one of the largest and best in the world. It was so colorful, and everything looked delicious.


  • American Abroad

    Today I gave up all pretenses of being Spanish, and relished in Americanness.


  • Adventures from Last week

    I went on a self-guided walking tour through historic Madrid with friends. After seeing many of the major sights-such as the Palacio Real-we ended up in the Plaza Mayor. There we were excited to discover that a cultural music and dance festival was taking place.


  • Lyon

    On Thursday I flew to Lyon to see a friend of mine from high school. The next day we set out to see the sights. As it was raining we decided to go to the museum of the History of Lyon. Once upon a time Lyon was a Roman fort, and so the museum was [...]


  • Valencia

    This past weekend I went on the second, and final, IES planned overnight trip to the city of Valencia, which shares its name with the provence it is the capital of.

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  • En la Cuidad de tres culturas

    This past weekend I went with 6 other girls to Sevilla, the capital city of Andalucia in the south of Spain. For anyone who doesn’t know, Sevilla (Seville in english) has a very rich cultural heritage from three religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

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  • Fridays in Madrid

    After the hike we clambered back onto the bus, and set off for the coastal town of Llanes.


  • Los Primeros Dias

    My señora is fantastic: very kind and vivacious. Her name is Mercedes, but she told me to use her nickname Peque, which she was given because she is so short (I’m shorter than her though!).

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  • The Adventure Begins

    I cant believe that I am packed and set to go tomorrow. I decided to study abroad almost eight months ago, and while I always knew that the day of departure would arrive, it seemed so far away. The fact that this past week has been such a whirlwind of traveling and errands, doesn’t help either. I am still impressed that I managed to get everything done in time.

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