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I am Lisa Sondergaard. I’m from a town in Ontario outside of Toronto. I just finished my first year at Humber College for Graphic Design, and have loved every exhausting minute of it. I enjoy art in all forms, drawing, painting, photography, to writing, acting and even cooking. Going to Ireland is a dream come true for me. I have been in love with the culture and the landscape for years to the point where my friends think it’s a little obsessive. I look forward to taking some fantastic photos, meeting great people and learning more about the tales and histories from the Emerald Isle.

Lisa's Posts

  • Out with a Bang!

    I am so entirely excited to be going home in the morning that I just need to keep myself busy until then. That being said, it’s that time in the blogosphere of abroad studies to reflect:


  • Winding Down

    With now less than 2 weeks left in Ireland, there’s a general feeling of bated breath.


  • Going to Scotland, Finding home

    The most interesting thing about living away from home, and then visiting another country while on your abroad trip, is that you begin to feel home sick – times two. Going to Scotland was perhaps my favourite trip yet, because of the gorgeous architecture and vast array of cultural activities… yet, being away from Ireland [...]


  • Eire Defined

    Last weekend was the trip to County Kerry, staying in Dingle town. The weather was absolutely terrible, but that ended up making the trip that much more amazing. We took the train down, delighted by the fact that our names appeared on the seats. I slept the entire way, naturally. We finally stopped at a [...]

  • Settling in and “Taking the Piss”

    I’ve been adjusting to Dublin as my new home city for the summer. There have been a few more differences than the last time, which I’m beginning to notice.


  • County Cork and Kinsale

    The architecture, the rolling landscape along the river, the multiple styles of hidden graffiti, left so much more to feast the eyes on. The people were absolutely fantastic.


  • One of These Things is Not Like the Other Ones

    The most exciting fact about Dublin at this point… there is a Tim Horton’s right next to where we study!


  • Let the Games Begin

    I woke up a number of times last night, nervous and hot and trying not to be sad about leaving my Chris behind.


  • One Week

    My last week at home before my trip to Dublin has been a whirl-wind of worry and distraction. I know it will all be worth it, but I’ve been taking stock of what the summer could have in store for me.

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