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Kyra Swick is currently a junior at Penn State University where she is majoring in Chinese with a minor in Linguistics. Her passion for foreign languages and cultures has instilled her with an interest in traveling. However, going to Beijing will be her first experience traveling abroad. She hopes that this will be the first of many trips around the world. In her free time she enjoys drawing, knitting, sewing, and making comics.

Kyra's Posts

  • On Coming Back From Abroad

    After about twenty-seven hours, two countries, and two pane transfers I have finally managed to work my way back home.

  • Traditional Chinese Painting

    This past two semesters I have been working with the resident calligraphy teacher Fang laoshi studying this form of traditional Chinese paintings.


  • Bargaining Battles

    In Beijing when you go to a market it is pretty customary to haggle down prices. Sometimes the vendors will drop the price of an item to try and convince you to buy it.


  • Ethnography Challenges

    Fourth year level students at IES Beijing have to conduct an ethnography study in which you go into the community and research a community group.


  • But Really I’m in China Right Now…

    Honestly I can’t believe I’m hitting the seven month mark of living out here in Beijing. I’ll admit that it’s been nice having all of the new students this semester. It helps to keep me from getting burned out or homesick.


  • The Great Oratory Challenge

    Last night marked IES Beijing’s first Oratory Challenge. The night was filled with everything from poetry readings to soap opera skits.


  • Homestay Culture Shock

    I’m currently spending a second semester with my home stay family here in Beijing. I’ll admit while it has been one of the most rewarding experiences, it does come with challenges at times.


  • First Day of Class

    True story. I’m really excited to be in the fourth year level this semester but it’s gonna be a lot of work. I’m pretty optimistic though. Hopefully I can survive the vocab quizzes and essays and emerge victorious!


  • 准备好了吗?Are you ready?

    Just a little shout out to all of the new IES students coming in the next day or so. I’m really excited to be back in Beijing for another semester.


  • So This One Time in China…

    You ever hear the phrase “one time at band camp…?” Getting back from study abroad becomes a bit of the same.


  • The Wind Down

    The IES building is now being covered with notices about checking out and carpool arrangements for the airport. It kind of makes me a bit sad.


  • Word Worries

    I feel like this is one of the major frustrations in learning Chinese is trying to figure out the differences between words. These are all context oriented.


  • Joy in the Little Victories

    Little victories sometimes can be the greatest. Sometimes after many hours of studying, it feels great to know you are making some progress.


  • Midterm Mania

    Moral of the story…don’t be like me and leave everything to the last minute. The Chinese midterm here is some pretty serious business.

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  • Flashlights, Who Would Have Thought?

    Every semester IES takes students on a two week trip. This semester you could choose between going to the silk road or the northeast. I ended up going on the silk road trip to the northwest.

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  • Fun With Chinglish

    So being a foreigner in China comes with it’s own set of adjustments. It takes a little time to get used to people staring at you.


  • The Baozi Baozhi Dilemma

    Chinese is a fairly complex language in that a little bit of inflection or mispronunciation can drastically alter the meaning of a word.

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  • Stages of Acceptance

    For those future study abroad students, this is pretty much how it goes. Right now I’ve reached the point where I’m counting down the hours rather than days until take off. I think it is safe to say that I’m in the final stage of study abroad acceptance where everything starts to sink in all at once.


  • featured image

    大家好! Hey Everybody!

    With eleven days left before I head off to Beijing I thought it would be a good time for an introduction. I’ve never been out of the country before so I’m sure I will have plenty of things to draw.