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My name is Kyle Bawot and I am rising junior at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY about to spend my fall semester in beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand. I am an economics major with concentrations in political science and writing. After searching long and hard for the perfect place to study abroad, I came across New Zealand and instantly knew that is where I wanted to be. As the largest city on the South Island of New Zealand, Christchurch offers an endless list of adventures—all of which I plan on experiencing.

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  • Time for Reflection

    Almost five months of my life spent in New Zealand are now behind and what do I have show for it? I could catalogue my time in New Zealand with a laundry list of places visited and experiences had, but that would be boring for me. Instead, I am going to try to explain lessons I’ve learned.


  • Home?

    The purpose of this post is not to reflect on my overall abroad experience—which I will do soon—but, it is to address a realization that I have come to thanks to a friendly customs agent in LAX.


  • Queenstown!

    Queenstown is not a place you want to miss when in NZ. Sitting adjacent to beautiful Lake Wakatipu and framed by the Southern Alps, Queenstown has the charm of a small European alpine village.


  • Aussie vs Kiwi

    This Australia-New Zealand rivalry reminds me of the US-Canada rivalry. The difference is, New Zealand has more to offer then French people and hockey.


  • Sydney in a week

    I’m officially done with classes and now beginning my final exams. I had a few free weeks—“study” weeks—between the end of classes and my first final, so a couple friends and me decided to hop across the Tasman Sea and see Sydney.


  • “This is the hairy man”

    However, none that I’ve seen yet are driven by as much tradition and emotion as the All Black’s Haka. A traditional battle dance, the Maori warriors performed their Haka before their enemy both to show respect acknowledging that those who stand before them are worthy opponents, and to throw down a challenge.


  • The cutest thing to ever be outside my bedroom window

    Caught on film – The cutest thing to ever be outside my bedroom window


  • Earthquake update and the Undie 500

    A tsunami warning has been issued for the Pacific islands that surround the island of Samoa, which just had an earthquake rating a whopping 7.9 on the Richter scale (topping New Zealand’s a few weeks ago). It is not known yet if any tsunami waves had been generated, but a 7.9 has the potential to create a mountainous tsunami.


  • Relevent Work Experience

    I now have the ultimate résumé booster. No, not an internship with a big law firm, the ability to speak English, Mandarin and Arabic, or a Rhodes Scholarship, but the mastery of coconut husking.

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  • South Pacific (not the musical)

    Before this trip, I knew little about this area of the world and I had no plans of, or interest in, getting to know it. Now, however, I have a solid, if modest, understanding of the history and origins of Pacific Islanders. More importantly, with this foundation, an interest has developed within me to continue learning about this part of the world.

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  • I’m gonna need a blanket and suntan lotion

    And what’s there to do? Well according to Wikipedia, “popular island activities include snorkeling, scuba diving, bike riding, horse back riding, hiking, deep-sea fishing, boat tours, scenic flights, restaurants, dancing, island shows, squash, tennis, zipping around on mopeds, and sleeping on the beach.” I wasn’t sold until the last one.

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  • Inside look at Chch

    Here are a few pictures of a big bird that landed on our car, the Avon River in downtown Christchurch, and Christchurch at night. Enjoy!


  • Back to school

    I invite you to check out some pictures I have posted (and will continue to post) online.


  • Do Less

    [caption id="attachment_3181" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="Left to Right: Sleeping Beauty, Mark, Alex, Kyle"][/caption] Surfers aren’t bums. At least not with regards to their level of fitness. This is what I learned during my first surf lesson with my three buddies pictured above, in New Brighton, NZ. After about ten over zealous minutes in the water, the [...]

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  • Take the Stairs

    To my surprise, I’ve observed only a few cultural differences between the US and NZ, none of which have been too “shocking.”

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  • Earthquake?

    I arrived to my first class, a geology course called Understanding Earth History, to find out that there was in fact an earthquake in NZ, and not too far from Christchurch.

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  • IES Orientation, Springfield, and Lyttleton Harbour

    Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to read about my time in New Zealand. For the next few months you can read all about my adventures tramping around the mountains, exploring the cities, and meeting Kiwis. Oh yeah, and going to school at the University of Canterbury.

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