Kallie Walker rss Freiburg, Academic Year 2008-09

Kallie is a junior at Hope College in Holland, Michigan and will be studying at the IES center in Freiburg, Germany for the academic year. She is studying German, International Studies, and Dutch, but she also enjoys Norwegian and photography. She chose Freiburg partly because of it’s location in the Black Forest, as she is an avid snowboarder and cross country skier. She looks forward to meeting new people, experiencing the culture, and also traveling elsewhere in Europe during her stay.

Kallie's Posts

  • Home before Home

    My last night in Freiburg, we had a Drama party. Our teacher, Peter, also teaches at a school in Waldkirsch. We met up with his students, hit it off, and had a pot luck. It was a great last night in Freiburg that I’ll never forget!


  • Wrapping it up

    [gallery=294] It’s already been almost 11 months, and leider ist my time up here in Freiburg. I played on a womens tennis team this past year here and have made some really good friends while playing the sport I love most. Sunday was my last match, and with that, came the goodbyes (always tough for [...]

  • Pfingsten: Granada, Tarifa, and Valencia

    We have a week break for Pfingsten, so I decided to head south to Spain!

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  • Neverland

    [gallery=286] I don’t want to wake up from this wonderful dream.


  • Strassbourg

    [gallery=265] Last Thursday we went on a field trip to Strassbourg. It’s right across the border in France and has plenty to offer. It hosts the EU Parliament, which we visited, but also has a great cathedral, and many charming french cafés. I also joined a ladies tennis league while here. It’s a great way [...]

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  • The Time of Your Life

    [gallery=248] Spring is here. The weather is gorgeous. And I’m falling in love with Freiburg even more with every passing day. I stayed put in Freiburg this past weekend to prepare for Midterms, and Sunday a few other students and myself managed to meet up at the Biergarten on the Schlossberg in Freiburg to enjoy [...]

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  • Switzerdütsch

    [gallery=227] Went snowboarding in the Alps this weekend. What a blast! Here’s a short video I made:

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  • Påskeferien

    [gallery=217]I’m in Norway for the week for Easter. We were up in the mountains at the cabin. It’s THE LIFE!

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  • Rock and Run

    [gallery=205] Spring is coming… slowly but surely. The Freiburg “Rock and Run” marathon was this Sunday. The weather was not ideal, but it was trotzdem a fun atmosphere. Classes start tomorrow!

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  • Ziehen/Drücken

    [gallery=194] One other word of advice is to get “ziehen/drücken” straight. It still kills me. I’m at the point now where I might be able to pull off a short, perfect conversation in German, but as soon as I walk away with my coffee and yank on the door that says “drücken” my cover is [...]

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  • Traveling Alone

    [gallery=181] One of the advantages of being a full-year student is having the ability to travel during semester break. I decided to bite the bullet and travel alone. For 6 weeks, I, Kallie Elizabeth Walker, will be going where I want to go, doing what I want to do, seeing what I want to see, [...]

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  • Ciao bella!

    [gallery=148] I’m in Rome…… Can I say that again? I’M IN ROME!!!!! I can’t believe it! It’s everything I’ve expected it to be, plus more. It’s such a huge city filled with so much history and culture. The people are absolutely incredible, and there are no words to describe how open, friendly, and generous they [...]

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  • I feel like I’m in Narnia

    [gallery=147] I treated myself with a trip to Norway for my birthday. The last time I made it up was October, and I remember before coming over here to Germany, I vowed that I would visit my host family (I was an exchange student to Norway in high school) A LOT! Well, time flies, and [...]

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  • Around the Uni

    [gallery=130] For my internship, I get to go out and either film, or take pictures… weather permitting. It certainly has been very gloomy these past few weeks, with only a few exceptional days of sunshine. On one of these days I got to go out and take pictures around the university. University life and students [...]

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  • Should’ve Gone Skiing

    [gallery=108] Last night, I looked up the times for the train to Feldberg, the local ski resort. I’ve been craving to go snowboarding since the first snowfall, and I thought that this weekend sounded like a great time to go tear up the Black Forest. I instead opted to sleep in, and tried to convince [...]

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  • Umweltfreundlich

    [gallery=103] If I could only name one thing, that I thought was the biggest difference between Freiburg, and where I come from in the US, is that the “Green Movement” isn’t a trend that’s up and coming, it’s a mentality that’s been around for years. I think it hit me when I saw 6 garbage [...]

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  • das Leben in Vauban

    [gallery=101] I’m back after spending Christmas at home, and it sure does feel good to be back. I’ve started my internship, moved rooms, and have started out the New Year on the right foot. My internship is at the “New Media Center” at the university, and it couldn’t be better. I basically play with cameras [...]

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  • Zu Hause

    [gallery=79] My flight on the way back was interesting. For some reason, when the flight attendents came around serving drinks, I ordered in German instead of English. I missed hearing German already. I also sat next to a very friendly German woman, who also had studied in Freiburg, and we spoke in German. She was [...]

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  • Auf Wiedersehen

    [gallery=74] I brought up in a conversation, the German farewell, “Auf Wiedersehen.” I noticed that I had never really heard anybody say it, and that it seemed kind of corny and old fashioned. But when we had to say our final goodbyes to all of our fellow IES friends at the end of this semester, [...]

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  • I am Thankful

    [gallery=67] Wow! December already!? Has another year already flown by? Yup. Crazy. November was VERY busy as stated earlier. Midterms, midterms, midterms, took up the majority of the month, but as usual, there was a little time for some fun :) I met up with a friend, who is also studying with IES, in Munich [...]

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