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Jessica Sprenkel is a senior psychology major from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. She is studying at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland and selected this school because of its rich history. Her biggest accomplishment this past year was completing a marathon for St. Jude Children’s hospital in Memphis. She enjoyed the challenge but finds half-marathons much more fun and plans to run one in Dingle and several in Europe while she is here. She is looking forward to immersing herself in Irish culture and history and hopes to travel extensively around both Ireland and Europe when she isn’t in the classroom.

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  • there’s no place like home

    Well, the journey that started almost five months ago has ended and I’m home with half a foot of snow on the ground, Christmas cheer all around, and the comfort of my own bed.  I still cannot believe the experiences I managed to cram into the past five months – the things I learned, the [...]


  • 12 pubs of Christmas

    You’re all probably very familiar with the song the 12 Days of Christmas (and even more familiar with days seven through one, what is the deal with all those birds anyway?).  Well in Ireland they still sing that song but a tradition closer to their hearts is the 12 Pubs of Christmas.  My roommate Justine and [...]


  • finals, finals, finals

    At Trinity I’ve experienced more of a paper’s week than a final’s week. Irish academics are organized much differently than what I’ve experienced in the US and the end is just as good a time as any to let you know about them in case you’re considering Trinity (and you should be!).

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  • tourist again

    Anna warned me before she left that time would run out quickly to do all those things I had planned on doing the entire semester. Well she was right.

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  • Thanksgiving in Ireland

    I managed to celebrate all of these great American traditions, despite their absence in Irish culture. Details of each will come in installments – small bites for those of you with short attention spans.

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  • snow day!

    Well I have a little snow day of my own today – classes have been cancelled! Funny thing is that there’s no snow. It’s not even because of the flooding or anything else weather related. Instead 250,000 state employees are on strike – including a majority of the faculty at Trinity.


  • city sidewalks, busy sidewalks

    come on, help me finish…”dressed in holiday style, it’s Christmastime in the city!” And it’s true, Christmas has come to several different cities in Europe, and I know this because I was in 5 cities this past weekend!


  • exhilarating.

    Exhilarating. That’s the only word I can think of to describe this past weekend. Even that doesn’t quite do it. So, I’ll try to tell you about it.

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  • half-time

    All of this learning, experiencing and traveling has left me only excited (and prematurely exhausted!) at what the next two months – the exact amount of time – may hold.

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  • the only thing wrong…

    It’s a strained relationship to say the least. I never thought I’d say I’d be glad to get back to the library at home but I can’t wait. Regardless, if my biggest complaint here throughout my entire two months abroad is about a trivial relationship I have with a building….I must say Dublin should be high on your list of destinations!

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  • Students > Tourists

    It was interesting the first few weeks I was here because the campus was mostly occupied by tourists following the suggestions in their guidebooks – waiting in line to see the Book of Kells, trying to interpret the Sphere Within a Sphere sculpture and taking in the atmosphere of the 16th century campus. Meanwhile, I’m just trying to get to various classes. Last week though, it all changed.

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  • Thumbs Up for the Semester Start Up Programme

    More importantly, I learned and explored the complicated past of the country I am living in for four months. I had done some research before I came on the semester abroad because I feel it’s immensely important to understand the culture you’re living in and why it has shaped up the way it has. The SSP broadened my knowledge of my home country and also my understanding of my place in it for the next few months.


  • adjusting

    After about three weeks of living here, I am finally feeling settled. I have my first chicken baking in the oven, green beans steaming on the stove and my laundry going underneath the green beans. Sounds like a pretty normal living situation – dinner and laundry right? Let’s just say there’s been some adjusting….


  • it starts tomorrow….sort of

    Well my program’s official start date is tomorrow! One semester of direct enrollment at Trinity College, Dublin. I feel like I’ve spent months preparing for this day – selecting the program, applying etc. As the weeks went by, more and more exciting info came my way – housing results, roommates and the piles of forms that helped me feel like I was still preparing for something. Tomorrow it all becomes real.

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