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Elena Rivera rss Auckland, Spring 2012

Originally from Rochester, NY, Elena Rivera is currently a junior at Hope College in Holland, MI. She is double majoring in Communications and International Studies with a minor in Spanish. She enjoys geeking out over pop culture, baking, singing loudly in the shower and having adventures. After living in Mexico for many years, visiting Costa Rica and hanging out in Canada, she is excited to get a chance to study in Auckland, NZ and explore the other side of the world.

Elena's Posts

  • Buy Prozac Without Prescription

    Buy Prozac Without Prescription, It probably didn't help that my re-introduction to US society happened in an extremely crowded, way-too-hot wing of O'Hare, after I had slept maybe two of the last twenty hours. With the stress boiling over, Prozac price, Prozac interactions, palpable in the air as families rushed their kids into the bathroom and men in business suits pouted while furiously typing on their iPhones, I instantly wished I could teleport back to New Zealand, Prozac no rx. Low dose Prozac, I had a long rev-up to my final goodbye last Sunday; it seemed like every day I was seeing friends for the very last time. Some of our partings were simple: I got off the bus, is Prozac addictive, Prozac forum, waved goodbye, and walked home, online buying Prozac. Prozac use, Then the next day they left on an airplane, and I heard about their crazy flight stories on Facebook and occasionally got a "hey, effects of Prozac, Canada, mexico, india, how are you?" text. Others were more involved: lunches, shopping, a lot of almost-crying and at least eight "last goodbye" hugs that I never really wanted to end, Buy Prozac Without Prescription. Like I said before, herbal Prozac, Buy Prozac from canada, endings are hard. This ending was hard, buy Prozac online no prescription. Prozac wiki, New Zealand, a place I called my home for the past six months, Prozac pictures, Prozac brand name, was about to be as distant a land as Switzerland or Japan to me once I landed in Rochester, NY, Prozac coupon. Prozac used for, I honestly didn't ever want to leave. Buy Prozac Without Prescription, I'm surprised I actually did.

    So now, kjøpe Prozac på nett, köpa Prozac online, Real brand Prozac online, faced with a more "real" reality than the one I'd been living in Auckland, the one full of boatride excursions and mad scientist professors and Monday brunch dates, where can i find Prozac online, Prozac from canadian pharmacy, I'm finding it a bit hard to adjust. Probably doesn't help that I'm unemployed, Prozac price, coupon, Purchase Prozac online, and spending a lot of time cleaning my room (aka watching tons of TV). If I had a productive job, where can i cheapest Prozac online, Prozac from canada, or some really intensive summer classes, I'm sure the sting of leaving wouldn't seem so fresh, order Prozac online overnight delivery no prescription. Prozac schedule, But left alone with a pseudo-dusty house and all of my memories of my former life I'm finding it tricky to set back into a normal routine, whatever normal is, Prozac dosage. I find myself dreaming I'm walking down Queen St, Buy Prozac Without Prescription. Taking Prozac, again, sauntering along seeing the multitudes of banks and shops and old men with dancing puppets, Prozac mg, Online buying Prozac hcl, but when I wake I find myself in my own bed in my own country, and I can't help but be a little disappointed, Prozac class. Prozac for sale, Is it wrong to wish I could stay asleep all day, because the only way to visit Auckland again is through the highways of my mind, Prozac street price. Buy Prozac without a prescription, US life is funny to me. Everything here feels more urgent, Prozac treatment, Prozac gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, and more pointed, but I do get more food for my money (seriously, buy Prozac without prescription, After Prozac, an entree comes with TWO SIDES FOR $10. Buy Prozac Without Prescription, paradise). Pancakes exist, and are still as delicious, in case you were wondering. I miss Auckland foods, from the kebabs to the flat whites, but I'm excited to be able to buy a single slice of pizza again. It's more than the foods though, it's the people that are different. It took me leaving Auckland to figure out how much I liked the random conversations strangers would start with me on the bus, or in line for the movies, or simply walking down the street. The New Yorker in me always questioned whether these random pedestrians had some kind of ulterior motive, but faced with the polite-but-distant streets of my hometown I find myself longing for some kind of connection with the people right next to me, Buy Prozac Without Prescription. There are other things I miss about Auckland, the libraries, the gnarled old trees, but really I miss it all. Auckland's been the silent friend I've had for six months, a constant confidant through all of my struggles and triumphs. It just feels weird without it here.

    I think being away has helped me appreciate where I am a little more. Buy Prozac Without Prescription, I'm slower to speak, and more eager to listen to friends. I'm less stressed about future plans although they still loom over my head. I feel confident, like a better version of myself, and I know that being away has taught me these things, that Auckland and New Zealand have opened my heart and been the best teachers a girl could ask for. One day, I'll be back. But in the meantime, I'll be here, sharing what I've learned, and continuing to grow.

    love, e.

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  • Bactrim For Sale

    Bactrim For Sale, It's the end of my last day in Auckland. Bactrim from mexico, I woke up this morning on the same street as my homestay house, but in a different bed, Bactrim blogs. Bactrim gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, I left my homestay house at the beginning of this week, right before I left for Sydney with my mom, where can i buy cheapest Bactrim online. Bactrim treatment, I cannot tell you how odd it is to walk down the same street I've lived on this whole semester and go to the Bed & Breakfast my mom and I are now staying at, instead of the house I've called home for five months, cheap Bactrim. About Bactrim, I felt the same way walking down Queen St., the main Auckland thoroughfare, Bactrim mg, My Bactrim experience, today when I was heading to the bus. I kept wanting to text my South Island Crew, asking them if they wanted to meet up for kebabs later or grab a drink at our favorite bar, Father Ted's, Bactrim For Sale. I kept thinking about uni classes and uni exams, Bactrim canada, mexico, india, Bactrim without a prescription, even though they're already over. I kept telling myself that there will be time tomorrow for Thai food, Bactrim wiki, Order Bactrim online overnight delivery no prescription, and that Saturday morning market I never checked out, and those coffee dates with friends on the weekends, Bactrim used for, Real brand Bactrim online, and those places I had carefully marked on my map at the beginning of the semester. Tomorrow, Bactrim online cod. Bactrim for sale, I'll get to them tomorrow. Bactrim For Sale, Endings are hard. There's something to look forward to (there always is), buying Bactrim online over the counter, Buy Bactrim from mexico, but there's a lot being left behind. On my last day in Auckland I walked across Grafton Bridge with my mom to the Auckland Museum, online buying Bactrim hcl, Bactrim price, coupon, one of the first places we visited in the beginning of the semester and the end destination of our IES city scavenger hunt. We saw kids playing rugby in the Domain, Bactrim cost, Bactrim australia, uk, us, usa, a sport I've learned to love after a bunch of disappointing Blues games and some pretty awesome All Blacks wins. We walked up the hill to the museum, is Bactrim addictive, Order Bactrim from United States pharmacy, my mom taking photos of the palm trees and towering pines, and when we arrived at the top of the hill and the steps of the museum, online buying Bactrim, Bactrim natural, I looked out at the entirety of the city. Like always, the Sky Tower was gleaming in the sunlight, and you could see the islands that stretched out past the marina seemingly into infinity, Bactrim For Sale. The museum had on display a series of photographs from New Zealand Geographic, Bactrim overnight, Purchase Bactrim for sale, award-winning photos of the landscape and the people and the animals of the region. Not only were there some pretty sick photos of birds in mid-flight, buy generic Bactrim, Bactrim steet value, there were also some beautiful shots of mountain chains in the South Island and Auckland in the misty morning. I know it's silly, fast shipping Bactrim, Taking Bactrim, but it felt like the museum had set the photos up just for me, to quietly remind me of the time I've spent in New Zealand this semester, Bactrim no prescription, Where can i buy Bactrim online, and to tell me it's okay to leave, but not to forget, Bactrim use. Bactrim reviews, My mom being here has actually made the leaving a little easier, and a little harder, buy cheap Bactrim no rx. Bactrim For Sale, Her enthusiasm has made me realize how many exciting things in Auckland became commonplace for me, from the foliage to the kindness of strangers, and her awe at the place I've lived made today a little bit harder because I realized how much I was leaving. Bactrim no rx, But by her sharing this experience with me and understanding where I'm coming from and where I've been, I know that when I go back home I won't feel so isolated and alone, buy Bactrim no prescription. She'll know, and having someone who understands will make a big difference when I'm feeling a bit strange about being back.

    There are so many things I want to say, and do, and share with you (I went to Sydney this week. It was amazing, seriously get yourself there if you can manage. The Sydney Opera House alone is worth the trip), but I guess the most important thing to say is that I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else but in Auckland, Bactrim For Sale. Earlier in the semester I wondered about home, if there could be more than one place in the world that a person could feel a sense of belonging. I talked about how much I missed Rochester, and how every day I was learning more and more about how to appreciate Auckland (what a difference five months makes). I know now that Auckland is my home as much as Rochester is, and the distance and various bodies of water that separate me from Auckland don't matter because the city has left its mark on my heart, and it will be there forever.

    I've had too many adventures to name, and so many adventures left to live. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I'll be seeing you soon, everybody.

    love, e[gallery link="file"].

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  • Buy Combivent Without Prescription

    Buy Combivent Without Prescription, My mom came into Auckland a couple of days ago, and over brunch in Mt. Eden Village I told her my list of things that I missed about the U.S, Combivent no prescription. Buy Combivent from mexico, It's a pretty short list:

    1. Redbox (Being able to rent $1 movies for a night would really come in handy, Combivent without a prescription. Combivent schedule, The video rental stores here are pretty expensive, sometimes $10 for one movie, taking Combivent, Purchase Combivent online, and while the library is cheaper at $2 a movie, it has less of a selection, purchase Combivent online no prescription, Cheap Combivent, unless you really enjoy old British comedies, rom-coms from the 90's or every movie starring Jennifer Garner)

    2, Combivent gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Wegman's (That's my local grocery store in Rochester, NY, Buy Combivent Without Prescription. Discount Combivent, It has a crazy-large prepared food section, with everything from sushi to paninis to thai food, canada, mexico, india. Effects of Combivent, Sometimes I just want a sandwich that isn't made from the leftovers in my fridge, and Countdown, where can i cheapest Combivent online, After Combivent, the grocery store across the road from my house, doesn't have a prepared food section)

    3, Combivent from canadian pharmacy. Combivent treatment, Driving a car (I could drive a car here, if I fancied renting one, Combivent pics, Order Combivent from mexican pharmacy, but the cheapest and easiest way to get around is by bus. I do miss being able to belt out to the car radio driving along the highway, Combivent maximum dosage, Fast shipping Combivent, though)

    4. Buy Combivent Without Prescription, My family (While my host family have been welcoming and wonderful, there's something to the comfort and humor and heart of your own family, and I've been missing my dad, little brother and mom more than an almost 22-year-old should admit. That's why I'm blessed to have my mom visiting for two weeks, Combivent use, Combivent mg, to be able to share this experience with her)

    When I told her my list, I was actually surprised, Combivent price. Combivent trusted pharmacy reviews, Five months away from home and I only missed four things, three of which were pretty unimportant, Combivent wiki. Buy Combivent no prescription, I think if I wrote a list about the things I will miss about Auckland, the list would be a lot longer, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Rx free Combivent, and look a little like this:

    1. Riding the bus to and from uni every morning (While sometimes I can get annoyed at the buses running late on Sunday, get Combivent, Low dose Combivent, or skipping past me when they're tardy on their route, the bus system in Auckland is the easiest system I've ever encountered, Combivent alternatives. I love the electronic signs that tell when the next bus is due, and it's pretty easy to plan a route around bus times, Buy Combivent Without Prescription. Combivent no rx, The only downside is they become less frequent after 7 PM on weekdays, but even then it's only a thirty minute wait for the next one)

    2, Combivent natural. My Combivent experience, Walking (I guess you could walk around Rochester, but it would take hours and hours, buy Combivent without a prescription. Order Combivent online c.o.d, Some of the joy of living in Auckland comes from exploring on your feet: there have been a million fun bars and restaurants and shops we've found by just taking a walk up and down Queen St., or down by the waterfront, where to buy Combivent. Doses Combivent work, The hills are a bit killer on your legs, but after five months I've become a pro at climbing them)

    3, buy cheap Combivent. Buy Combivent Without Prescription, Food (While I sometimes long for an authentic slice of New York pizza, I think the food in Auckland is secretly better, from timtams to jaffas to L&P. Buying Combivent online over the counter, Kebabs (the wraps with meat, salad and delicious sweet chili sauce in them, not the meat on a stick) became part of my daily diet, and there was always Indian or Thai food restaurants around the corner. Auckland's incredibly multicultural, and that shows up not only in the people that populate in the city but the diversity in the food choices offered)

    4. Diagonal crossing at intersections (It's loads easier than having to cross in an L-shape. The first time I came to Auckland it was a bit crazy seeing all the people swarm a section of the street, but I love it now: the chaotic mass of people, the funny little green walking guy that tells you when it's safe to walk...I'm going to miss it)

    5. Having lunch in Albert Park (Highlight of my week sometimes is when I would get together with friends in Albert Park by uni and talk about our lives while occasionally trying to catch pigeons, Buy Combivent Without Prescription. There's not really a place outdoors at my home university for people to gather and eat lunch, and I loved Albert Park: sunshine, sandwiches, and a random guy always playing the acoustic guitar sort-of badly)

    6. Mt. Eden Village (Mt. Eden is right by my house, and I took lovely walks with my mom and friends up the inactive volcano. Buy Combivent Without Prescription, Also will miss my favorite café, Ironique, which had the most delicious white mochas in the southern hemisphere, and the candy shop that sells twinkies. Apparently twinkies are like currency in Auckland, or at least with my host family)

    I could go on for ages (and I might, in another post), but now that my time is winding down I'm realizing how much I'll miss it...and how much I've grown. With only a week to go, I'm cherishing my time here until I go back home.

    "The simplest questions are the most profound. Where were you born. Where is your home. Where are you going. What are you doing. Think about these once in a while and watch your answers change." - Richard Bach

    love, e[gallery link="file"]

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  • Celexa For Sale

    Celexa For Sale, Erin and her host mom Chris invited me to stay with them in Rotorua, and we drove down last weekend, staying there from Friday to Monday. For the past three or four weekends members of our IES Study Abroad group had been heading down to Rotorua, get Celexa, Buy generic Celexa, so we figured it was our time to explore the place we'd heard so much about. Our friends the weekend before had spoken highly of zorbing, Celexa trusted pharmacy reviews, Celexa duration, this incredibly tourist-y sport of getting into a giant plastic ball (either filled with water or "dry") and rolling down a hill on a course. If you're thinking it sounds like some weird game you and your little brother would play when you were twelve, Celexa overnight, Celexa description, you're correct, except a whole lot bigger, Celexa samples. Buy Celexa online no prescription, Because Chris had lived in Rotorua for most of her life before moving to Auckland to teach, she gave us a ton of insight into what Rotorua was actually like, Celexa dosage. She knew the best places to visit, and the cheapest deals, and was all-around the sweetest lady ever (and our fancy chauffeur), Celexa For Sale. Buy Celexa online cod, She showed us a park right by her house which was full of hot springs (aka sulfur pools), all quarantined off by giant fences and scary signs stating the intense heat that was contained in the water, Celexa class. Celexa for sale, Steam was rising off the various lakes, making the park seem a bit eerie even if it wasn't dark yet, Celexa blogs, Where can i buy Celexa online, and although the sulfur was pretty pungent, it took about six seconds to get accustomed to the smell, where can i order Celexa without prescription. Where can i find Celexa online, We walked across a giant bridge that crossed a hot spring lake, the mist and fog becoming so strong I could barely see out of my glasses (which were uselessly steamed up anyways), Celexa brand name. Australia, uk, us, usa, It looked like a scene out of Jurassic Park: any moment I expected velociraptors to jump out of the mist and eat my face off. Celexa For Sale, The whole of Rotorua is covered in hot springs and geothermal areas, and they're as commonplace as trees. Later we visited Wai-O-Tapu, Celexa maximum dosage, Celexa without a prescription, a geothermal national park, and there was a lake in the center of the park that went on for ages, about Celexa. Celexa forum, We walked all around Wai-O-Tapu, taking note of the various yellows, herbal Celexa, Order Celexa online c.o.d, reds, and greens that were contained in rocks and lakes because of the different gases that were pumping out of the ground, order Celexa online overnight delivery no prescription. Celexa pictures, It was fascinating to look at all the naturally occurring colors there that I had only previously seen in day-glo spray paint canisters. It was misty there, Celexa over the counter, Buy Celexa from mexico, too, to the frustration and delight of our cameras and/or hair, Celexa from canada. One of my favorite things about the park was a lime green lake that was on the path back to the entrance, Celexa For Sale. After Celexa, It looked exactly like the slime that is used on the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, and I couldn't believe that the shade of green found in the lake could exist without photoshop, Celexa online cod. Buy Celexa no prescription, It was definitely a departure from the evergreen forests and large mountain chains that define U.S. national parks, Celexa cost, Celexa australia, uk, us, usa, in the best way possible. Wai-O-Tapu was like a post-apocalyptic nature wonderland, taking Celexa. Celexa For Sale, We later went to the Rotorua Museum, a large mansion-esque building that once was a bath house that treated the wounded and ill with shock baths, and learned a ton about the Maori tribes that had founded that area. Is Celexa safe, We learned that Mount Tarawera, a volcano right near Rotorua, online buying Celexa, Celexa schedule, had erupted in 1886, killing about 150 people in the area, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Buying Celexa online over the counter, mostly Pakeha (European) settlers. According to legend, the volcano erupted because the Maori gods were angry with the way the people were treating the land, and like Noah and the arc, decided to wipe out some people to teach them a lesson. Some of the natural wonders of the area, like these pink shelves in the village of Te Wairoa, were buried forever, but there hasn't been a volcanic eruption since. The museum also had a ton of fantasy/sci-fi art on display from artists who primarily worked with Wetta (nearly everyone's biography included some involvement in Lord of the Rings), and some pretty famous comic artists. It was a great dichotomy to have traditional Maori art in one gallery and modern digitally-created art in another: the history and future of New Zealand art, Celexa For Sale.

    We also went zorbing, which was over way too quickly. We laughed the entire way down, sloshing around in a giant ball until we toppled out at the bottom. It was on the pricier side ($35 for one ride straight down with two people), but it was such a randomly unique experience it was worth it to just see what it was like. We went on the luge as well, riding up the mountain to get to the luge tracks, and speeding down them with slight worry for my life. Celexa For Sale, We rode the fast track three times, making incredibly sharp turns and flying off the ground when we hit the hills. We rode back up to the mountain on ski lifts, and got some great panoramic photos of the whole of Rotorua from up there. Our nights were spent listening to Chris' dad talk about his involvement in some wars and his great admiration of Winston Churchill, plus delicious pies from Jesters (I always got one with chicken and cranberry, the best combination of foods). All in all it was a relaxing weekend with a great mix of historical and tourist-y activities, a welcome trip away from the city before the stress of exams.

    I have about three weeks left in New Zealand, guys. It's moving so fast.

    love, e

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