Dani Barrow rss London, Summer 2009

Dani Barrow is a senior at the University of Texas in Austin and is spending her summer with the IES London UK Today program. She is an English major with an Anthropology minor. She also enjoys her interdisciplinary work focusing on Cultural Studies involving race, gender, and sexuality. She has always dreamed of living in London and can't wait to find inspiration from the cobbled streets to the foggy skies. Also, she plans to hone her international relations skills by traveling to as many European countries as possible during her stay.

Dani's Posts

  • eternal london haunts us still

    “Go where we may, rest where we will Eternal London haunts us still” – Thomas Moore


  • Weekend Adventure in Amsterdam

    While I jotted down interesting places I’d want to revisit during my remaining days in London, the back of my mind was preoccupied with my weekend adventure in Amsterdam. I was leaving that night from Liverpool Station to Harwich port and on to the exotic country of Holland.

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  • home is where the heart is…

    If there’s one thing that will make you homesick while staying in London, it sure isn’t the city itself. I love London.

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  • want to go to the seaside?

    Since arriving in London, I’ve been very fortunate to meet several people that have quickly turned into friends. This appears to be true for everyone else I’ve seen. Even though the summer program is significantly smaller than the main semester programs, everyone here has met people with similar interests and while they tend to group off accordingly, there is still a sense of community amongst the entire school.

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  • The trip to London

    I’m waiting in the Austin airport outside gate 6 waiting for my flight to Atlanta before I board my connecting flight to London. I have a long night in front of me.