Clinton Lee rss Salamanca, Summer 2009

Clinton is a junior at the University of Missouri-Columbia enrolled in IES Salamanca. He is double majoring in International Studies and Spanish. He loves to travel, take pictures, read and write. He is interested in politics and languages. He hopes to become fluent in Spanish during his Academic Year abroad in Salamanca.

Clinton's Posts

  • Clases, Comidas, y Más

    I came to Salamanca to improve my Spanish and the combination of living with a señora, taking grammar and conversation classes, in addition to doing daily activities in Spanish has helped me immensely. I’m shocked at how much my Spanish has improved.

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  • España: the transition

    I’ve been in Salamanca for a few days now and I’m finally getting accustomed to the city, I took a slow route in reaching Salamanca, stopping in Dublin for a few hours and arriving two days early in Madrid.


  • Life in Missouri(-ah?)

    Northwest Missouri: lakes, hills, Amish, and more. I come from a rural region, and I’m looking forward to moving to Salamanca, Spain.

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