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oops! this little tidbit is long overdue! I'm a super senior (transfer student) at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, where I am doing a double major in art history and sociology. I grew up in Houston and went to an arts magnet high school. I also took a year off from college to be a full-time volunteer with an AmeriCorps emergency response team based in St. Louis, Missouri. These days, I'm sort of a jack-of-all-trades: I make mozzarella for a living back home, but am also writing and doing photography for a non-profit culture magazine here in Barcelona. Painting, drawing, dancing, sewing, baking and playing with fire are just a few of my favorite things!

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  • christmas in texas calls for steak. lots of it.

    Let’s start at the beginning, when I did a powerslide on the linoleum floor on my way to baggage claim. No, unfortunately, I was not busting out my awesome rock-star powers in hopes of making my enormous suitcases levitate off the bag carousel and hover toward me, like some 80s hair-band music video. Instead, what [...]


  • Christmas in Catalunya!

    After Thanksgiving, we started seeing giant supports for christmas lights hanging over the streets. Some of them were snowflakes, while others were just shapes of color or 3-d chandelier-tyoe-things, and others still said things like “Bonnes Festes,” which means happy holidays in Catalan. The more of these that we saw appearing throughout the city, the [...]

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  • Couch Surfing and Eurorail passes: The cheap way to fall in love with Europe

    Couch Surfing is a world-wide community of travelers linked through an online networking and search engine site that gives travelers the opportunity to do so much more than just see the touristy stuff.

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  • Thanksgiving in Spain

    This weekend, just about everybody is out of town, or hanging out with their parents, because we didn’t have school on Thursday or Friday. I don’t know why, but for some reason, I didn’t expect to get a Thanksgiving break.

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  • Soccer in Spain: Barça vs. Real Madrid!!

    Last night, I got invited to hang out with a bunch of locals at a huge bar in the Marina barrio to watch the Barça game. It was my first time watching them play, but this didn’t keep me from being very aware of the huge rivalry between them and Real (as in Spanish for “royal”) Madrid.

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  • fiestas en el barrio

    Barcelona has got to be the happiest place I’ve ever lived. Why, you ask? Because there’s some kind of festival going on, in some part of the city, just about every weekend of the year!


  • Halloween: how to swap cultures and food without becoming a zombie

    Upon talking to a few Spanish friends and my host mom, I discovered that the American tradition of dressing up as something spooky, silly or sexy on the last night of October only really started to emerge here in BCN about 5 or 6 years ago, and many people still just don’t get it.


  • mascarpone, circus, and other free stuff.

    Last weekend, I went couch surfing. I know, I know, moms and dads are gonna read this and say HOLY COW HOW DID YOU SURVIVE!! But, really, it was fine. In fact, it was better than fine!

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  • I’m not sure what just happened, but at least I got a sandwich and a dress out of the deal

    Plucked right out of your local fiesta mayor, the drums and tamberines and smiling teenagers marched in and filled our entire view; and the young Senegali men stared passing out sandwiches! The audience was no longer this silently confused, but theatre-appropriately austere bunch. Cheers and claps started to littler the air the way that bread crumbs were littering our laps. In the dark, we bonded.

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  • En Memorium: Ben Wieler

    Last week, one of our students in the Barcelona program passed away. Benjamin Robert Wieler had a benign brain tumor that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and was originally diagnosed, state-side, as a sinus infection.

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  • how to get a job working for a culture magazine in a foreign country

    I couldn´t resist going in and checking the place out, since it had a quote-bubble-shaped sign on the door that said ”enter if you aren´t a weakling…” Some say ”curiosity killed the cat,” but my family´s mantra is, ”it doesn´t hurt to ask, and it doesn´t hurt to say no” –and I can personally attest to the awesomeness of this mentality.


  • wandering around in BCN

    The main lessons I’ve learned this week is that wandering through a foreign city alone is a great way to explore your own mind as well as a new place and culture. Also, going shopping alone is an excellent way to work on your Spanish. Last but not least, asking for directions from shop owners is not only helpful for practicing the language, but can also be an entertaining cultural exchange.

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  • Estoy en Barcelona! Finalmente!

    Ok, so I know I just posted on here a couple of days ago, but so much has happened since I last wrote!


  • why i love medical tape… but not twinkies.

    Are you ready? This one’s really really important. If you miss this one, I’m not going to repeat it! Alright, alright here it is: Don’t leave home without a roll of medical tape. I’m serious! Don’t do it!


  • Running amuck in Near-Eastern Europe!

    I’m in Vienna! Last week, I was hanging out in Prague with a friend of mine who is doing research on invasive thistles, and now I’m crashing on the couch of another friend who is a student assistant for IES!

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