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My name is Arielle Medina, and I am going to be a junior at the University of Redlands where I am debating a double major in English literature and Spanish. I have taken Spanish for about nine years now, and while I am very confident in my writing skills I feel once I fully immerse myself in Spanish culture I will finally be able to consider myself fluent. I have never been out of the country before and am finding myself filled with mixed emotions with my nearing departure date, however, I know my time abroad will be the experience of a lifetime.

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  • Memories of Madrid

    I consider my choice to study abroad as one of the best decisions I have ever made because it opened my eyes to new cultures, pushed me to speak Spanish and improve my speaking and writing skills, and allowed me the biggest sense of independence I have ever felt in my life.

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  • My Madrid top 5

    After living in Madrid for the past 3 months I have decided to come up with a list of top five things to do/see if you need ideas:


  • Tips for economizing your time in Madrid

    With the value of the dollar as low as it is now I found myself faced with the dilemma of how to stretch my budget as best as I could during my time in Madrid.


  • Reflexiones del semestre en Madrid

    I am once again finding myself filled with mixed emotions as my departure date nears: excited to return home to my family and friends and sad to leave behind the wonders of Madrid and all the great people I have met and the friendships I have formed.

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  • DoUBLIN’ the fun

    As I write this I am sitting in the airport with an hour to kill before my flight takes off for Madrid. I am quite sad to leave because I had such a wonderful time. I know I will for sure be back one day!


  • Falling in love with Spain

    While I love the sun, I love the fall even more. The color of the leaves have changed, and now envelope the pathway that I walk in the park to get to school each morning.


  • “Hitch-hiking” the backroads of Milan…

    I highly recommend all those traveling through Europe to go to Italy; not only is it beautiful with many sights to see, but the food alone is the worth the trip!

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  • Culinary Adventures

    As a self declared foodie I have enjoyed trying different types of Spanish food…however I have been very limited with what I have been able to try due to my distaste for pork, red meat, and all seafood.

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  • Mallorca and Barcelona

    During our trip, we had each bought some souvenirs, and beach towels, so packing took us a while. I have discovered that packing is an art form…one that I should learn to master for all of my trips.

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  • Discotecas, Jersey Shore, and Spilled Drinks

    Last night was my first official night out in Madrid…Well kind of…because I attempted to go to a club or “discoteca” as they are called here, during my first few weeks in Spain.


  • Read this if you don’t want to get hit by a bus in Madrid…and other useful facts

    So one of my professors had us come up with a list of useful knowledge to know while traveling/ living in Spain. Here are some facts I find very helpful:


  • What’s the Portuguese word for_____?

    I have an hour and a half to kill before my next class, and since free time is harder and harder to come by now that class has started I have decided to take this opportunity to sum up was has happened since I last blogged.

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  • Primera Semana

    Although I’ve been in Madrid for just under a week, it feels like I’ve been here for a while. A lot has happened since I last blogged…so I’ll go ahead and fill everyone in:


  • Pre-departure Ramblings

    With one week left in Idaho I am finding myself with mixed emotions as my departure date draws near. While I am super excited, I am also very nervous and stressed out with everything I need to accomplish before I leave.