Amy Mahanay rss Salamanca, Spring 2009

Amy is a Junior at Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA. Last semester she participated in the IES Paris program, and this semester she has been accepted into the IES Salamanca program. She is majoring in French & Spanish Literary Studies. She is looking forward to Salamanca because she wants her Spanish to improve as much as her French did in Paris, and she is also looking forward to living in a smaller, closer town.

Amy's Posts

  • After Salamanca…

    After leaving Salamanca, I went back to Paris for a week. It was so much fun to see where I’d started out at the beginning of the year, and to reflect upon how much my French & Spanish language skills had improved.


  • Goodbye, Salamanca!

    [gallery=283] This post contains photos of some of the things I’m going to miss the most about Salamanca, including the best park ever, my host family, friends, and the gorgeous architecture. Even though I really enjoyed my time in Salamanca, I’m going to be really happy to go back to Paris for a week to [...]

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  • Nice is nice!

    [gallery=256] My friend and I took a trip to Southern France last weekend, and it was soooooo beautiful! We flew into Marseille, and then hopped a bus to Nice. I think Nice is the most gorgeous city I’ve seen, especially down by the beach. They’re rock beaches, which makes laying out a little less comfortable, [...]

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  • Barcelona!

    [gallery=246] I got back from a weekend in Barcelona yesterday. It was so much fun! Thursday was a holiday in Spain, so my friend and I first went to Mataro, a small beach town 30 minutes north of Barcelona. The beach was gorgeous. We spent almost all day Friday bathing in the sun. Friday night [...]

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  • Portugal

    [gallery=234] The past weekend was the IES trip to Portugal. We had the opportunity to see Coimbra, Batalha, Lisboa, Sintra, Cascais, and Fatima. The Batalha Monastery and the Cabo de Inferno were my two favorite sights because they were both so gorgeous. The Cabo de Inferno reminded me of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland! [...]

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  • Ireland

    [gallery=233] My IES friends and I went to Ireland over “Semana Santa” – Spain’s spring break. We had 11 days of vacation, so we decided to get to know Ireland. We went to Dublin, Cork, Killarney, and Galway. My favorite cities were Cork – where I kissed the Blarney stone, and Killarney – because the [...]

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  • Experiences Abroad

    [gallery=191] I’ve been having a great time abroad! This blog is about a couple of the smaller trips I’ve taken while in Spain. Back in February I went to Ciudad Rodrigo to watch the running of the bulls. It was so exciting! The Plaza Mayor was filled with people waiting to see the bulls run [...]

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  • A day in the life…

    [gallery=190] Hello! So I thought it would be a cool idea to do a post on a day in the life of a typical IES Abroad Salamanca student. This way, if you’re thinking about studyding abroad in Salamanca, you can see all the places you’d be walking by every day, as well as an example [...]

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  • Weekend in Sevilla

    [gallery=145] Sevilla is my favorite Spanish city! It’s gorgeous, filled with history, and sunny! When we arrived, my friends and I went to tour the Cathedral of Sevilla. It’s huge, and beautiful! A piece of advice, though–whenever touring a Cathedral or Castle in the winter/early spring, bring a jacket! It may be sunny and nice [...]

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  • Granada, Spain

    [gallery=154] I went on a weekend trip to Granada & Sevilla with Cursos Internacionales. I would definetely recommend traveling with them to anyone who is going to study abroad in Salamanca! In Granada, I went to a traditional Flamenco dance show, which was amazing! The dancers’ expressions were so intense! The next day we went [...]

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  • Salamanca Cathedral

    [gallery=131] Last Tuesday I toured the Salamanca Cathedrals. The old and new cathedrals are together, so from the inside it’s really hard to tell when you’re in the old part and when you’re in the “new” part. They’re both gorgeous though! It’s really cool inside because it’s set up a bit like a museum. There [...]

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  • Zamora

    [gallery=121] We took an IES field trip to Zamora last weekend. We took a tour of the city and did wine tasting! The riverside is just gorgeous!

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  • Segovia, Spain

    [gallery=105] IES Salamanca went on an excursion to Salamanca, Spain last Saturday. My favorite part was our tour of the castle, Alzacar! I love touring castles and imagining what it would have been like to live in that time period. The Segovia countryside was really beautiful too!

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  • France

    [gallery=87] I spent last semester studying with IES Paris, so these are all my best pictures from last semester. My favorite place to visit was Versailles, as you can see all the photos I took there! I would definitely reccommend renting a bike there, because all the different views you get of the palace, the [...]

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