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Amber Boroughs is a Junior at St. Olaf College in Minnesota and is participating in the IES Abroad Buenos Aires program. She is a Spanish major with a minor in Linguistic Studies, and she is also working towards her teaching licenses for both Spanish and English as a Second Language. She is excited to experience the culture, language, and beautiful landscapes of Argentina. She also hopes to improve her understanding of the Spanish language, which will help her in her career as a language teacher.

Amber's Posts

  • Ten ways you know you’re really back in the U.S. after studying in Buenos Aires

    Ten ways you know you’re really back in the U.S. after studying in Buenos Aires:


  • Random Last Photos of a City I Will Miss Dearly

    These are from my last couple of weeks in Buenos Aires, which I hope give a good idea of what the city and the culture are like. I’m going to miss living in this amazing place!


  • Street Sights

    Chances are, if you spend time in Buenos Aires, you’re going to spend a whole lot of time on the streets. This blog contains various pictures of some typical street sights in the city.


  • Puerto Madero and the Ecological Reserve

    These are a few pictures of Puerto Madero, which is the newest barrio of Buenos Aires, and the ecological reserve that is next to it. I could pass a whole day just wandering around this area, and I hope you enjoy the photos!


  • Like food? Come to Argentina!

    [gallery link="file"] Argentine food is delicious! I have never eaten something here that I didn’t love. My friends who live with host families are always talking about what they were served for dinner the night before, while my friends in other living arrangements talk about restaurants or good food they´ve found in supermarkets. We all [...]


  • Iguazu Falls: A Natural World Wonder

    At the end of our spring break, a group of friends and I went to the city of Cataratas to see the famous waterfalls in the Iguazú National Park. The falls are viewed by some groups as one of the main natural wonders of the world, and they were very impressive even though there had been a draught in the area for a few weeks.


  • Journey to the North

    For spring break, a group of friends and I headed up north and travelled through to cities of Jujuy, Telcara and Salta. Along the way, we saw some pretty awesome scenery and had a great time hiking, wandering around towns, exploring an ancient Incan village, and paragliding.


  • Buenos Aires: The city that never sleeps, especially on weekends.

    [gallery=250] In the rare chance that students stay in Buenos Aires over the weekend instead of traveling, there are a ton of things to do and places to go, and most places are open way past midnight. I’ve never heard of a student being bored during a weekend in this city! I’ve been here two [...]

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  • Breathtaking Bariloche

    [gallery=242]For our five-day Easter break, some friends and I headed to the ski town of Bariloche. It was an experience I will never forget! It’s located near the Chilean border, which means we spent some quality time (twenty-four hours, to be exact) on an omnibus to get there. Passing through small towns, watching the beautiful, [...]

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  • Buenos Aires Zoo

    [gallery=243] The Buenos Aires Zoo was founded in 1888, with the intent of being an entertaining getaway for the city’s wealthy residents. More thought was put into the comfort of the zoo’s visitors than to its inhabitants, and this was only changed in the last few decades. Probably the most shocking part of my visit [...]

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  • The day we stumbled upon forest islands in Tigre

    [gallery=208] Last weekend, a friend and I decided to take an hour’s bus ride to the city of Tigre. We had heard there was a fair there, and we set out with the intent of spending a whole day wandering around the fair and shopping. However, when we arrived, we were instead attracted to the [...]

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  • A Day of Fun and Relaxation at Campo Rodizio

    [gallery=183] Towards the end of the two-week orientation, IES brought us students an hour away from the city to relax at Campo Rodizio. Once there, we were offered a wonderful buffet lunch and snacks such as empanadas and mate tea. Lunch and tea time were the only two planned activities, and we were free to [...]

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  • Some First Sights in Buenos Aires

    [gallery=182] I´ve been in Buenos Aires for a little over a week now, and am having a great time getting to know the city! To me, Buenos Aires seems like a city full of contrast. I sometimes feel as if I´m in a completely new world. That is, until I look up and see I´m [...]

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  • ¡Anticipación!

    As I am preparing for studying abroad, I am excited for all that I am going to experience, but I also know I may face many challenges while I am there. From all that I have heard and researched, Buenos Aires is an amazing city, but it is also very different than anything I have [...]

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