Tasmania: Port Arthur and Tassie Devil ParkMelbourne, Spring 2010

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"] After our exhausting hike to Wineglass Bay, we stopped for scones, fresh cream, and homemade jams and jellies at Kate's Berry Farm.  It was delicious!  From there we proceeded to Port Arthur (sleeping the entire bus ride there, of course) to get ready for our ghost tour of the former penal colony.  It was so scary!  Our guide, named Todd, looked not unlike a real-life vampire.  He took us around to several major points within the grounds of the prison.  We visited the parsonage, the junior medical officer's house, the solitary cells, and even the place where they used to dissect bodies!  Along the way he told us ghost stories about the different places we were visiting, explaining that a ghost had to be seen a minimum of three times before stories of it were put on the tour.  It was truly terrifying!  The next morning we had the opportunity to wander the grounds of the colony in the daylight.  It was definitely not as scary when the sun was shining!  The grounds are absolutely beautiful!  After that we went to a Tasmanian Devil Park where we got to see them feed the little devils!  We also got to feed and pet kangaroos as well as enjoy a bird show.  Some of us even got to participate in the bird show!  My next post will conclude the IES trip to Tasmania.
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