My Madrid top 5Madrid, Fall 2011

My Madrid top 5 After living in Madrid for the past 3 months I have decided to come up with a list of top five things to do/see if you need ideas: 1.) El Rastro- this is a Sunday market held around the Metro area of La Latina where vendors set up booths to sell their crafts or random objects ranging from t-shirts, leather jackets and scarves to fans and other souvenirs.  Be prepared to bargain with the vendor because a lot of the time you can talk them down from their intended prices.  Be careful and keep a watchful eyes on your purses/belongings because this place can get crowed, thus making it an easy place for theft. 2.) Take a scenic walk/run around/through Parque del Oeste, stopping at Templo de Debod  and then continue down to the Madrid Rio for some of the best scenery I think Madrid has to offer. 3.) Parque del Retiro- we went here within the first few days we were in Madrid and had a great time walking around the big pond (for lack of a better word) and taking in the beautiful sights of the park.  4.) Museo Reina Sofia- my art history class would meet up at this museum several times a month for class, totaling to over 10 hours spent there the entire semester…and we still didn’t get to see half of it!  For those of you who like art this is definitely a great place to go and see some of the most famous paintings from Spanish artists including Picasso, Miró, and Dalí. 5.) Sol- probably one of the more touristy places in all of Madrid it also has some pretty good shopping and there is always a lot to see… Not being one for crowds, especially during the holiday season, I tend to avoid it.  If all else fails wander.  Some of my best adventures in Madrid happened when I  set out with no destination and explored the city on my own.  By doing this I discovered how close everything really is here, and how the Metro makes everything seem so much farther.
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