Mallorca and BarcelonaMadrid, Fall 2011

So this cold has been circulating through the apartment since everyone arrived, and I have been the only person who hasn’t gotten it…until this week.  My strong immune system has been weakened by this horrible stomach flu I have had for the past week, which required me to miss class for the first time.  My Spanish compañera, along with and IES administrator were pretty concerned so I went to the doctor for the second time in one week.  Yes….you heard me (read, actually) second time.  The first time was because I clumsily scratched my cornea while taking out my contacts, and wanted to make sure my eye wasn’t going to fall out.  In the program, they will make doctor’s appointments for you at Unidad Médico, an English speaking medical center and you just have to show up and fill out a few papers.   The two doctors I went to were very nice and helpful, and I didn’t have to wait half as long as I typically do in the States.  My assumptions had been correct, I had the flu, and the doctor put me on a liquid/fasting diet.  When I ate, it was only supposed to be bland, solid foods.  This is the last type of diet anyone would wish to follow while in Spain.  What sucked even more was that the day after my appointment we were scheduled to fly to Mallorca, and then Barcelona for an extended weekend, and since it saved us money, we bought tickets that required us to miss class.  So needless to say I was a bit concerned about missing two days of class in one week, although one was an excused absence. Luckily, I was starting to feel better for our flight to Mallorca.  The flight was a little over an hour from Madrid.  Once we landed, we took a taxi to our hotel, which was conveniently located right on the beach.  We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach, taking turns sunbathing and frolicking in the crystal clear water.  It definitely was a tropical paradise.  My only complaint was that the sheets in the room were not cleaned well/at all because I ended up with 10 bed bug bites….The next day we went back to the beach for a majority of the day, then finished up our night with a quick exploration of the streets, dinner, and returning to this Nutella crepe stand (probably not the best idea for a queasy stomach….but DELICIOUS) for dessert.  We went to bed pretty early because our flight to Barcelona was at the crack of dawn the next day.  During our trip, we had each bought some souvenirs, and beach towels, so packing took us a while.  I have discovered that packing is an art form…one that I should learn to master for all of my trips. We arrived in Barcelona around 10 in the morning, took the AirBus to Placa Catalunya, and then walked five minutes to find our hostel.  The guy who ran our hostel was very friendly and quite cute I might add.  We dropped off our stuff and took the Metro to Parc Guell.  Parc Guell was AMAZING!  Everyone who visits Barcelona must go see it!  After taking tons of pictures, we continued our walk to Sagrada Familia.  I was sad we didn’t get to go inside; however, I was able to take some good pictures.  We found our way back to the hostel (after walking 10 miles) where we rested for an hour before meeting up with some sorority sisters of mine who are studying in Barcelona.  That night we shared a bottle of wine and then took the Metro to a bunch of clubs on the beach.  The first club we went to only allowed a few of us in due to dress code.  My traveling buddy was wearing flip flops and a t-shirt so he wasn’t allowed in.  Due to the selectivity of the club we all left to go to another.  The next club let all of us in, and we stayed until two.  The following day we trekked to the 1992 Olympic Stadium, where I got to see the field where my coach/personal trainer/father figure competed on.  It was a very long walk from our hostel, and had tons of hills.  We were feeling lazy so we tried to take the Teleferico (tourist sky lift) down, which only took us up higher, and added a mile more onto our walk…We passed a bakery on our way back and easily gave into the temptation for a sugary treat, justifying that we had already burned off everything we had eaten that day (obvs).  Later on, after seeing the foutain show, we met up with my sisters and went to a few bars to meet up with some other friends.  We finally called it a night around 3 a.m., and went back to the hostel to sleep for two hours before leaving for the airport. Next trip: ITALY. Bring it.
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