Discotecas, Jersey Shore, and Spilled DrinksMadrid, Fall 2011

Last night was my first official night out in Madrid…Well kind of…because I attempted to go to a club or “discoteca” as they are called here, during my first few weeks in Spain.  The first time was an epic fail on my part, due to the fact I literally walked in a walked out.  Crowds just aren’t my thing, especially in a foreign country, and knowing that I would end up separated from my friends anyways.  Anyways, we went to this club called Moondance, where admittance is free unless you want to drink.  Within ten minutes of being there I get pulled aside by a group of Spanish men who are probably a few years older than I am.  They immediately cut to the chase and ask if I am from here.  I respond in Spanish that I am from the United States studying here for the semester.  To which one asks in English (Spaniards have a tendency to speak to you in English when they find out you are from the States) if I watch the Jersey Shore.  I told him that I have seen a few shows, but do not watch the series.  This sparks his interest and he starts asking me what I think about the Situation, Pauley D., and Ronny.  I tell him I think they are all idiots.  Then he proceeds to ask me to dance with one of his friends, who was probably a foot shorter than me (being 5’10”it’s hard to find guys who are taller than me here).  I decided that that was my cue to leave, and returned to my friends, where we continued to dance together.  An hour goes by until I had another encounter with a Spanish man who asked me to dance.  He had just refilled his drink, and seeing that he was pretty hammered already I was pretty concerned.  I say yes and began to dance with him.  By the time we had finished dancing he had spilled the entire contents of his mixed drink down my side.  I was a bit miffed and signaled to and IES guy friend that I needed an escape, which he provided.  The drunken guy kept looming around my circle of friends waiting for me to come back to him, which I never did.  Finally at around 3a.m. we decided to call it a night.  We made it to Plaza de Cibeles where we were able to catch a Búho (night busses that runs when the Metro stops at 1:30 a.m.).  Due to the fact we had never taken one before, we got on the wrong bus and had to get off at a stop closest to our flat, which was still pretty far.  I hailed a taxi, which got us back to our place for 4 euro split between 4 people.  Overall I say it was a pretty successful night. UP NEXT: Mallorca and Barcelona
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