Learning about Versailles at VersaillesParis, Spring 2012

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"] Last Friday, my IES French Art and Architecture class went on a trip to Versailles with our professor to study the sculpture in the gardens. It was awesome to get to see all the things we had just learned about, and reminded me of what a incredible opportunity I have here to learn in France! Though we didn't go into the chateau (I've been there before and it was quite crowded), we were able to occupy ourselves for hours out in the gardens and park alone... No surprise, it's enormous! After our tour we sat down in the grass for a bit by the Grand Canal and our class headed back toward the RER to return to Paris. A few friends and I stayed behind to spend some time in the park, and it was super worth it. The weather was beautiful and it was, without a doubt, springtime in Versailles. Best, ari
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