Kushushu eKapa!Cape Town, Spring 2013

Kushushu eKapa! That's Xhosa for "It's hot in Cape Town!" With temperatures at nearly 100º this past week, we maximized our time at the beach. My favorite beach in Cape Town so far has been Boulders Beach. Boulders Beach is located on Cape Point, about an hour's train away to Simon's Town followed by a three kilometer walk. Why would we travel all this way for just a beach when we have Muizenburg or Camp's Bar or Clifton beaches all under a half hour away? PENGUINS! [caption id="attachment_52823" align="aligncenter" width="550"] African Penguins at Boulders Beach[/caption] Boulders Beach is famous for the colony of African Penguins. There was a viewing platform packed with tourists looking at the penguins on their protected beach, but we walked down a path to the swimming beach. We crawled over and under boulders, keeping our distance from penguins resting on the rocks. We found a large flat rock and spent the rest of the day exploring the coves with penguins swimming all around us. This past weekend I also went to the Holi One festival, based loosely on the Hindu festival of colors. Everyone wore white clothes and got packs of colored powder. Every hour throughout the day there was a countdown to throw the colors at each other and into the air. [caption id="attachment_52821" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Throwing Colors at Holi[/caption]
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  1. Hi there! I was a blogger for IES Madrid last semester, and just stumbled upon your entry. I just wanted to comment because your pictures are so fabulous! Really impressive shots, you’re going to love printing them out for your room after the semester is over. I personally painted clothes pins and used rope to make a picture clothes pin line–just a suggestion :)

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