Pre-Departure Thoughts and Last Minute PackingTokyo, Summer 2012

Destination Tokyo: 7 hours away
Or I guess almost 1 day away if you count the 13 hour flight.
At the moment I can hardly even believe this to be real. How could May have disappeared so quickly that Japan is literally just around the corner?
With barely contained excitement, I'm already imagining everything I want to do in my 3 days of free time: exploring the area, taking cool photos, tasting the local cuisine, and practicing my conversational Japanese. A more pressing and immediate concern I need to address is studying my Japanese textbooks, but I'm hoping I can spare some time in my incredibly entertaining 13 hour flight to go over the material. No promises though.
I've already faced some trouble and I haven't even boarded the plane yet! My carry on bag ripped a little at the seams because I tried to force too many items in, but I've bought a new one and am learning from my mistakes. I'll be placing less in the carry on and transferring a few things into my checked bag instead. I'll have to apologize to my sister though because she was letting me borrow her bag.....oops.  I hope she isn't reading this before I can apologize haha.
Also, I did some last minute shopping for a gift to give to my host family. I figured that sweets and snacks are a generally well liked gift to receive so I got them a bag of Milano cookies and a party pack of assorted chocolates for acquaintances whom I might meet along the way. I'm really hoping the cookies don't get crushed even if I put them in my carry on because that would be incredibly disappointing.
I'm taking a short break from repacking my luggage, but I suppose I better return to that now and catch a couple hours of fretful, anxiety filled sleep before departing for the airport.
7 hours and counting guys!
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