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I’ve been home now for three days. My jet lag is beginning to wear off and things are starting to set back into a pattern of normalcy. But this normalcy is relative. I find that I am relearning my old routines and reevaluating my old expectations for life in America. Though I was only gone for a semester, India did become home for me and I became very accustomed to the life that I was living there. I will deeply miss my rituals in India – chai and porridge every morning, autorickshaw rides to school, dinners with my host family, and listening to daily wisdom from my Auntie. There is no way to measure how my experiences have influenced my consciousness and my global perspective. But more importantly, there is no way to measure how they have influenced my heart. I have loved my time in India, despite its challenges and flaws, and I have loved the people who were a part of my life.  For me, studying abroad has become as much of a cultural teaching experience as it was a personal teaching experience. Learning to exist in a new way, in a new place, and having to adjust to a new set of expectations, gave me the opportunity to grow in ways that I cant even process.  Looking back on the last four months it does not seem like a vacation from “real life” but more like an extension of the life I have always had. Though I am back at home, I have also left a part of my home in India and someday, hopefully, I will be able to return.  
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  1. Hi Anna, I’m a journalist based in Delhi writing a feature about American students who study here. I wondered if I could interview you about your experiences? My email is above if you’re interested. Let me know and we can work out a time that suits you! thanks…! Anu

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