The Journies through EuropeVienna - Music, Spring 2010

The Journey As I've mentioned before, traveling in Europe is amazing and definitely something that should be experienced...several times in ones life.  I've had the luck of going to several places while I've been here (and plan on going several more places before I leave!). In this short piece, I tried to show the feelings that one goes through while traveling.  The anticipation of getting to your destination, the amazement and awe of the sights; the readiness to go home (which Vienna has quickly become for me); the happiness of the return.  All of these are part of traveling and feelings that I have come to identify with. What has amazed me the most is how much I miss Vienna when I'm traveling.  I'm always happy to return. I've included a few photos of my travels to look at while you listen to the piece.  Enjoy! [gallery link="file"]
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