Suitcases have been bought…now what?Vienna - Music, Spring 2010

As I stood at the checkout counter tonight at the department store, watching my mother pay for my new luggage, I came to the swift realization that my trip to Vienna is only around the corner.  After that thought, a stream of panicked thoughts followed of what still needs to get done before the trip.  Now, at 2:30 in the morning, Texas time, I'm sitting here, going through all the books and plans I have, making little notes on everything that I need... Coats-check Laptop-check Nice outfits for opera season-check That should be all for Vienna...right ;) In all honesty, I also wanted to use this post to say a little of what to expect in my following posts.  Though there will be some explanation and description of my trip, but also as a composer, I will include a brief sound clip of a composition (by me) that describes a bit of what life is like at the time. I'm really looking forward to all that Vienna has to offer...even though I've been made to limit my packing down from five suitcases (what can I say...I like my clothes...) ;)
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  2. Good luck getting settled in, Andrea. Remember to value every aspect of your experience, both the fun AND the challenging!

  3. drea!!! I am so excited that you have an IES blog for this semester! I miss you dearly and I hope Vienna is going well! Please post another one soon so I can live vacr
    vicariously through you until I leave for Japan! :) I hope all is well! LOVE

  4. p.s. that note was really jumbled, but you get what I mean! :)

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