I’m leaving…on a jet planeVienna - Music, Spring 2010

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane Ok, so I've actually already left on the jet plane and been here in Vienna for two weeks now!  It's hard to believe it's already been this long!  I feel as though I've hardly done anything yet. In this music clip, it's a little bit of the hectic chaos that went along with getting ready the morning of, rushing to the airport, the planes taking off and then the final chaos in getting here. The morning of, all of my things were packed (and as the song goes, I was ready to go), but I still had to drop my car off at my dad's and say goodbye.  At the airport, there were more goodbyes to my mother and then it was off through security (another one of those hectic cow lanes that we all go through at the airports) The plane ride was a little nerve-wracking.  Though the food from D.C. to Wien was not too bad, the space was incredibly small.  They showed some movies (each in about 50 different languages) as well as you could look at the onboard cameras, one showing below and one showing ahead as well as play several different games (which I ended up being completely awful at).  The onboard cameras actually came in handy in the morning because we could see the sunrise as well as the Alps; it was very beautiful. Once we got here it was a rush to get to the right station, which now has all become second nature to me, using the train called the U-bahn.  What an experience getting here!  I hope you enjoy the audio!  More to come (including some waltz!)
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  1. Andrea, it is so great to hear about how things are going! We miss you here at CAS, but it sounds like you’re doing just fine without us! Keep us updated!

  2. Beautiful midi!! I love it! Glad to see a blog update!! I love you!!

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