Cross your Fingers, Hold your ThumbsVienna - Music, Spring 2010

I just want to say, first of all, how amazing IES has been this semester.  I mean, quite honestly, the program was fantastic, regardless of how sour I am over having to take finals in such a beautiful country, but IES has been really helpful in making sure all of its students are in good hands regardless of natural disasters (like giant ash clouds over Europe), strikes by British Airways, and riots over financial crashes.  IES watches over their students, and that's a good thing to note. But with all that in mind, and with the end of the semester and my trip home looming in front of me, I want to send out a few hopes for before I leave. I hope that the rain stops, and that I can go to the Danube Island for a relaxing Saturday before I depart this beautiful city. I hope that my umbrella doesn't break before the rain stops. I hope that my flight home is not canceled due to ash or strikes. I hope that my exams go well and that I successfully complete this semester. I hope that I get to have Happy Noodles one last time before I leave. I hope that everything fits in my suitcases and that none of them are overweight. But most importantly, I hope that all of my new friends return safely from their travels/extended vacations.  It has really been an amazing journey and though the semester is not quite over yet, the people who I have met, the experiences (good and bad) that I have had, and the places I have seen have left quite the impression on me. It's hard thinking that another semester has already gone by, but it's true never the less.  It's also hard to believe that theoretically, I'm a senior now!  Not to get too sentimental, but life seems to just pass waaaaayyyy too quickly when you're having fun. On the upside of everything, I just want to say that having come here knowing absolutely no German besides bless you, I sent a box of wine home today...and used German with the post office lady!  Yep, that's right...marvel at my new-found German skills.
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