Blue Danube in Hungary?Vienna - Music, Spring 2010

This past weekend a group of my friends and I went to Budapest.  It was really really interesting.  We got in Friday evening and stayed in a hotel right in the middle of it all.  The first night we ate at this amazing restaurant where for one price it was all you can eat and drink.  I had two salad plates that included items such as turkey stuffed with apricots and corn mayonnaise salad.  Then I had Hungarian Goulash (a must try in Hungary), and for the main course, I had venison, potatoes cooked at least five different ways, veggies, and some other meats.  I also had a full plate for dessert and they had many many more options including different fishes, pork dishes, duck and pizzas.  For drink you could drink all you wanted to champagne, wine, beer, water, soft drinks, etc.  It was absolutely fantastic! After dinner, we took a walk around the city, which was absolutely beautiful lit up at night.  The bridge and the castle, the Fisherman's Bastion and St. Stephen's Basillica.  It was gorgeous! The next morning we went to the House of Terror.  It sounds like a theme park ride, but it was a museum dedicated to the education of what happened in Hungary during the occupation by Nazis and Communists.  It was incredibly disturbing and terrifying.  Afterwards we walked to the Buda side of Budapest and visited the Fisherman's Bastion and Buda Castle.  We even found Maria Theresea's name!  Oh the connection to Vienna never ends... After our tour of the city's sites, we went to dinner at this awesome hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Giero's.  It was a small restaurant that seemed to be in the front of where this couple lived, but the woman quickly came over to us and asked if any of us were vegetarians and what we would like to drink.  As we waited for our meal, two men, one playing the dulcimer and the other playing the violin, played a variety of songs that included everything from Hungarian Dances to American musical numbers.  One of the highlights, though, included when he started playing Blue a different type of surreal experience!  Dinner was some sort of turkey-egg-rice-delicious sauce meal with a delicious soup.  We don't really know what we ate, but it was incredible!  It was a great experience and I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who goes to Budapest! The next morning we went to one of the Turkish baths and relaxed/healed for a couple of hours and then we headed home!  The train rides were easy and smooth.  Oebb has a really great system that I plan to use in the coming weeks! :)
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