A Bittersweet EndVienna - Music, Spring 2010

A Bittersweet End All month I had dreaded the coming day that I would have to leave.  Not only had I felt like I hadn't done everything that I had wanted to do, but most importantly, I was leaving a large group of people who I cared a great amount about.  The rain persisted for several weeks, making completely all the sightseeing that I wanted to do difficult.  We all took our exams and made it through our courses, but not necessarily unscathed.  But on that last Saturday, the sun came out.  A few of us even went to the Danube Island, drank some wine, and had a fantastic time (I even got a little sunburned).  But that day was very bittersweet.  That morning, I saw my roommates for the last time, for the time being.  I would be lying if I said that I didn't bawl my eyes out afterward.  But that night, after playing some cards and Telepictionary, a group of us had to say goodbye.  We were complete and utter messes. Coming to the end of the trip was bittersweet.  Having to say goodbye to all the people we'd met was awful, but knowing we had had one heck of an adventure...now that's something pretty awesome that no one would cry over. In this solo for horn, I tried to get the bittersweet feeling.  Though it's not really complete, this is just the first section, it shows the feels of that last day and night together.
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  1. I am an alumnus of IES Vienna (FA 2001) and I can distinctly recall saying that final goodbye to my roommates. And…this past Friday night, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the evening catching up with one of them again. We haven’t seen each other since a cold night in December 9 years ago, but we reconnected again immediately. I know it is hard now, but the memories really do last a lifetime.

  2. I was in Vienna 1970-71 – a wonderful year with IES.
    We have reunions every other year in different parts of the USA – Nantucket, MA, Lake Geneve, Wis, Charleston, SC, Capitola, CA, Lake Tahoe, CA, Winter Park, Co, Taos, NM.
    It is always a thrill to get together with others who spent a very special year in Vienna.
    Keep in touch with your classmates and try to make this happen. It is wonderful to connect with old friends and others you may not have known well, but were there and thus have a common bond.

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