I Feel The Earth Move Under My FeetNagoya, Spring 2011

Dear world, I have a confession to make: I love earthquakes. I love the way the world sways. I love the light-headed feeling you get when a really big earthquake occurs. I love the panicked cries of people who are not used to earthquakes. So earlier today when Nagoya was hit by one, I smiled and scanned the room for the scarredy-cats. It was only after getting on the subway, and ordering about three plates of sushi that my friends and I learned that the earthquake we had just felt was the fourth biggest one to occur in the last sixty years (this is hearsay). We were all stunned, and two out of four of us began texting friends and family. The two who didn't, either didn't have friends or family in Tokyo, had family currently flying into Japan, or forgot that the reason why they have an emergency phone is to call at times like these (sorry Mom and friends. It's hard to think of it as an emergency when everyone around me looks physically fine). It wasn't until I got home,  and talked to my mother on skype, that I learned just how horrible things are in Tokyo. The Tsunami(s) and the fires are horrible. I have to say it is quite sobering. I wish all the families hurt by this event well, and I hope that something can be done to help them recover from this disaster. Until then, keep safe.
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