Puerto Madero and the Ecological ReserveBuenos Aires, Spring 2009

[gallery link="file"] These are a few pictures of Puerto Madero, which is the newest barrio of Buenos Aires, and the ecological reserve that is next to it. I could pass a whole day just wandering around this area, and I hope you enjoy the photos!
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  2. My son leaves for Buenos Aires next week :)
    We are all very excited. He just received his housing assignment today. I was hoping that you may have an idea of this location and maybe some insight to that area.
    Host Family Name: Zúcalo de Ardanaz, Ana María

    Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires
    the letter does not mention housing type or family. Is that something held private or do you assume it is a single woman?
    I have been reading all your blogs, thank you
    What do you suggest as a good hostess gift?
    Have a wonderful year readjusting to America

  3. Hello Sloane,
    I’m excited for your son, too! He’s going to have a great time, guaranteed. My housing assignment only listed a woman, and I did end up only living with a single woman and a roommate, who was also listed on my form. I would assume that your son will live with a woman, but it is possible that she will have other family members staying with her or dropping in for a visit from time to time.

    I had some IES friends living on Uriburu around where your son will be, and it’s a very nice area. There’s a lot of nice apartments, cafes, and stores near there. From the address, he will be living on the fourth floor of an apartment building. He will be about a 25 minute walk from the IES center (which is much closer than a lot of students), or he could take a bus ride for about 10 minutes. He’ll be right by some main streets, so it will be easy for him to find his way around.

    For my host mom, I got her some postcards and things from my city (Minneapolis). I found some of it right in the airport, which was convenient. I would suggest something like that, where she will have a momento from where you are from, a little decoration for her house, or maybe some typical American foods/snacks.

    Thanks for your post, and I wish your family the best of luck! Let me know if you have any more questions.
    -Amber Boroughs

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