Football, to market, and afternoon teaLondon Direct Enrollment, Fall 2010

We went to our first football game a while back. It was really fun. We were really close to the field, which we thought was amazing, until we realized that the ball could fly into the stands. Then it became fun with a hint of danger. Aston Villa scored first and in the last minute of the game Fulham finally did. The response was amazing and really exciting. It ended in a tie, but that didn't matter to us. It was a good game. The next day we went to Camden lock market and discovered some really cool places there. There's this great little place that sells really cheap scarves, so I got some of my Christmas presents there. The stalls were really artsy: there were jewelery, art, knitted things, and many other stalls like those ones. I think that out of all the markets I've been to, this one interests me the most. It's a nice mix of little stalls and actual shops, plus different food stands where you can taste a mix of ethnic food. To end our day, we went to Kensington park, where the palace and Orangery are located. We waited in line for a few minutes for afternoon tea, and it was very worth it. It was orange themed, with orange rooiboos tea and an orange flavored scone. The sandwiches were so tasty and cute, and of course the dessert was too! Afternoon tea is something I'm really going to miss when I go back home. [gallery link="file"]
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