Post-Australia BlogSydney, Fall 2010

The highlights of my Australian experience include: the Cairns field trip, the first time I touched a kangaroo, seeing the movie Inception at the largest I-max in the world, eating sushi at a rotating-bar, watching the sunset on Maroubra Beach, playing at Jamberoo water park, and watching footy games with my boyfriend. I feel as though I've changed in many ways that cannot be expressed. I feel like my outlook on life is different, the way I see situations, people, and places has changed. Australia was definitely an eye-opener for me, a girl who rarely leaves Maryland. I absolutely loved Australia and hated leaving. saying goodbye to my boyfriend and my new friends on Christmas Day at the airport was one of the hardest moments of my life. Yet, at the same time I knew it was the right time to go. Plus, I missed my family like crazy!! Six months is a long time. At first, I felt like everything in America had changed and I resented the things that stayed the same. I kept comparing things and Baltimore in general to Australia. I also worried that I wouldn't fit in with my old friends. But, it has been a month since I came back home and I'm managing. My friends are still my friends (just with many more stories to discuss). Me and my boyfriend are still keeping our relationship strong (I'm looking forward to possibly seeing him for spring break). I'm looking past the shortcomings and remembering the charm of my hometown of Baltimore and thinking of ways to make an impact. And I get to enjoy one last semester at Johns Hopkins University before graduating. So, in conclusion I'm completely satisfied and wouldn't change my experience. I would 100% recommend that any student considering Australia do it, you won't forget even the small details!
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