Pick up some Lingo Mate!Sydney, Fall 2010

Avos- Avocados

Barbie- Barbecue

Bloke- man

Brekkie- Breakfast

Bush- anywhere that isn’t in town (Don’t say you want to go to the outback, you will receive stares!!)

Fair Dicum- Equal for everyone

G’day mate- How are you doing?

Grog- alcohol

Heaps- A lot (used all the time)

Keen – attention (I’m keen about this list)

Reckon- I suppose

Root- Woohoo (Don’t say it at a game!)

Thongs- flip flops

check out more at this link: http://www.koalanet.com.au/australian-slang.html

It’s okay if you don’t pick up an Australian accent or even say many of the above mentioned words. That’s the best part about traveling to an English-speaking country. No worries mate!

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