Sydney or BustMelbourne, Fall 2011

Ok so I'm technically supposed to be working on this weird thing called finals (yeah, who actually works on finals when they get to live in Australia? This kid apparently), but seeing as I am the queen of procrastination I wanted to update on my awesome trip to Sydney! A few Hayley and I decided it would be a great idea to hop on a plane and head to Sydney. Yeah, that's right, we got our tickets less then a week before we headed out (I think I got mine on Monday night and we left Friday morning). Thankfully for this trip I didn't have to do any of the planning. Hayley's mom, being the most amazing person that she is, offered to put us up in a hotel for the weekend. Hostel are cool, hotels are better. We arrived early Friday morning, we got brunch by the bay then headed back to see if the room was ready. Once we got settled in Hayley went to the gym (she's a gym rat in the best way possible) and I went down to lay by the pool at some point in the afternoon Hayley went and talked to consierge and found us some things to do around Sydney. I have some words of advice, anytime you can go to a market, you should. I think the best presents I have found I got from the various markets I have been to (five and counting!). So yeah, we went to two different markets, one in Paddington and one down in this area of Sydney by the harbor called the rocks. I got some presents for people as well as a few things for myself. we also did a tour of the Opera House, it looks amazing from far away, but it is even more spectacular inside. The architecture is stunning. We also grabbed a fairy out to Manly beach and explored. It was a hot Saturday so the place was super crowded, but it was still nice to admire. We also got to eat some Ben & Jerry's ice cream which was a big win. We wandered around the botanical garden as well, they're right behind the Opera House so if you have a chance to go, just spend half a day exploring that area. While we were in Sydney we also got to eat at some really fun, cool places. The Winery was our first stop. It is in Surrie Hills and it is the great open wine bar with food and cocktails. Hayley and I spilt a jug of Rose Sangria that was so tasty! We also ate at another outdoor restaurant along the water. I can't remember the name, because I suck like that, but again it was all outdoor sitting with good food, good drink and good music. The atmosphere is what made it so awesome. Our final dinner was at this place called Pony, it had a kind of Australian tapas menu. The food was all so good! So in summary, if I had to pick three things you HAVE to do in Sydney it would be: 1. Go to the Paddington Market. It's only open on Saturdays, but it has quality vendors. I got a dress, some jewelry and some other gifts while I was there and I think those were the best purchases I've made this whole trip. 2. Take a tour of the Opera House. They run every half hour. There is an admissions price, but you learn so much about the history of the building and you get an up close view of the architecture inside. It is has an interesting history and is so incredibly beautiful on the inside. 3. Go to The Winery. It will make you feel like a cool young adult. However, if you want to do more then just grab a drink, call ahead and make reservations. It's frequented by the young working crowd so it gets really busy on the weekends. So there ya go. I really need to get back to one of my final papers. Bleh.
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  1. Great suggestions for things to do in Sydney. Maybe next time try the Bridge Climb… not cheap, but it is a wonderful lifetime experience. Good luck with the ‘finals’. Jamie – Sydney Accommodation

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